Expedition Impossible: Leap Of Faith

A lot of first time triggered in the last episode, with Purple ended up not being 1st, an all male team being eliminated and 2 rappelling challenges in a same episode.

But whatever, let’s move on after I changed my blog look back to the Big Brother (since it’s free and rather easy to navigate where my posts are.)

(Is camping scenes invasive of their privacy?)

This is a single elimination stage, which is a much needed comeback.

Lead Team: Teal

Second Group: Purple, Football-Blue, Cop-Blue

Last Group: Brown, Camo, Orange, Pink


Use a hand-line to cross a river before heading into town to find a local rug stall, where teams must locate a rug with five holes in it. Then place the rug on the correct local sign to reveal the location of the next checkpoint. (Mental+Luck)

T: The first part is irrelevant for viewing, while the rug challenge is too focused on the luck than the mental.

* Did everybody needed to repeat back the rug challenge?

* Brown (who suddenly got a lot of confession airtime with Gus) running in circles because they initially don’t understand what does the rugs are used. Teams, Killer Fatigue is looming (like the fossil throwing in the last episode).

* And more apparent with maybe Purple yelling at Cop-Blue in their way to the next


Jump off a 30 foot cliff into the water, or climb down some ropes to the water. Then zip-line across a river to receive the next set of instructions. (Guts)

T: Next, and who can catch up in at least the zip-line challenge?

* All the teams choose to jump, guess part of the reason is that they want to be more faster (which sometimes didn’t work due to some teams had to queue for Orange to finish jumping) and rappelling down is boring for the third time in a row.


Memorizing a symbol on the lock. Then swim to a nearby cave to look for the matching symbol with the attached key to unlock the paddles. (Physical+Mental)

T: With the cave turned out to have 4 different silhouettes, it turned out to be very interesting. Plus the swimming, challenging.

D: 4/5


Paddle the rapids everywhere and use their GPS to navigate to a goat cave. From there, spot the flags at the camp. Go back down the mountain, paddle another mile and then climb 300 feet to the finish

T: The kayaking (despite being repeated in Episode 2), has a cluster-heck of placement shifting (with teams lagging from beginners’ suiting, losing a paddle, and stuck in a tree) that takes real skills. Though the second part ended up stale.

D; 3/5

* I forgot that Purple John has a bad ankle, which is hidden by how good their performances are.

* Football-Blue: Kayak and rapids, they dislike black people.

* Brown had a bad fighting that’s comparable to Black (eliminated from Episode 1), with even more seriousness.

* The footrace between last feels intense, and Cop-Blue and Pink decided to team up to survive another day when Brown is catching in is amazing.

And we say goodbye to the Fishermen (Brown), nice knowing you all in this episode only.

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