Expedition Impossible: Rock The Kasbah

7th episode, 7th stage,

7 teams, an elimination day.

Who will be the unlucky seven?

Find out with another uploader. (AmazingMcco, not included in poem)

That will be shown in YouTube

In a 3 parter.

Lead Team: Purple

Second Team: Orange, Teal, Football-Blue

* Purple Heart: A medal awarded in the US for being wounded or killed in any action against an enemy of the United States or as a result of an act of any such enemy or opposing armed forces. (According to Wikipedia)

Last Group: Camo, Pink, Cop-Blue


From the tower of a kasbah, use binoculars to spot a symbol on the city that matches one of the six symbols given on the map. Then, drive to that place: a souk (An open-air marketplace in Middle Eastern or North African countries). Then navigate the souk for the next checkpoint. (Mental+Luck)

T: That’s…not exciting.

D: 2/5

* Ike (Orange, and the air of that team) has his old injury in his leg ankle by smashing to the Ford Explorer.


Going to an airport, one team member (who is under 200 pounds) must skydive off an airplane. While skydiving, the member needs to spot a symbol on the ground leading to the next checkpoint. (Guts)

T: A slightly good challenge (and who wouldn’t want to skydive?). Though it got slightly overshadowed with scenes lie all of them being amazed by skydiving, Pink dropped from 1st flight to 2nd due to not giving their ticket faster than Orange and everybody being concerned with Ike (Orange) injury.


Swim across a river, then trek for one mile to solve  the puzzle on the activity sign that will reveal the location of the finish line. Teams can choose to stay and solve the puzzle, or trek for another two extra miles to get a clue on how to solve the puzzle. Once the puzzle is solved, (which the answer is an acronym on the boards), team use the map to go to the finish line. (Physical+Mental)

T: Ok challenge.

D: 4/5

* In another 1 screen minute, the puzzle is solved by the lead team.

* Pink and Orange teamed up while Teal chose to hike (according to Orange, it requires 20 minutes). By the way, should it become more efficient if Teal decided to ditch their bags in the puzzle area?

* While Dani (Cop-Blue) did spoke indeed from time to time, it feels like she suddenly has a voice.

* Purple had a argument due to Purple Erik and Taylor wanting to enjoy the view and have some tea (which I understand their point, because it is Morocco, but they are still in a race).

* This show is really hamming on and on about Ike’s injury, which is inspirational in a repetitive way. Now Orange Jeff has 2 teammates that needed more focused attention.

* Too bad that footrace has lesser intensity than the last episode, Teal catching up is good (though Camo Chad being physically under-average also helps either).

* And Country Boys (Camo) have to say goodbye from this expedition, and being not as relevant in this episode thanks to Ike’s injury.

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