Expedition Impossible: Never Give Up

Remember that I told you all that there’s an episode that I watched before recapping this show.

This is the episode, where suddenly, a blind guy became the second most inspirational person to compete this expedition.

The hospital treats Orange Ike’s knee injury, which is more swollen than fractured, so he still can compete, though he will need a cast for his leg.

It’s a 2 days stage, and the groups’ position are,

Lead Team: Purple

Second Group: Pink, Orange

Last Group: Teal, Cop-Blue, Football-Blue

* Teal AJ is cynical about everybody wanted Orange to stay in the game, considering that 1 medvac might mean 1 less team to compete against, 1 less stage to face, and 1 less day of sleeping in sometimes unfriendly outdoors.


Rappel down the side of the kasbah mountain, then trek to the shore of Lake Bin el-Ouidane to inflate two kayaks and paddle to Prison Island. Then assemble a catamaran using the two kayaks, then sail to Saddle Island for their overnight camp. (Physical, Skills, Guts)

Catamaran: A multihulled vessel consisting of two parallel hulls of equal size. It can be spelled cat for short.

D: 4/5

* The combination of the kasbah in the left and the mountain where teams are rappelling in the right is pretty.

* Natalie and Brittany (both Pink) smashed themselves when rappelling, and Purple John rolled his ankle the 2nd time.

* Even Akbar (Foot-Ball) talked about the repetition of the tasks this season, in a positive way (Rappelling) and a negative way (Kayaking)

* A glimpse between AJ and Ryan (Teal) relationship due to both of them freaking out at each other when sailing.

* There is a lot of placement shifting in the challenges for this day, this even includes rappelling.

* And the fourth time where Pink got lost in a overnight day.

The next day with everybody warming up for recovering from their injury. Teal and Football-Blue decided that they should ally together in challenges.

Perfect Scenario of who they want to see out: Purple (In everybody dreams) and Orange (Possible) out

Lead Team: Orange

Second Group: Cop-Blue, Purple

Last Group: Teal, Football-Blue, Pink


Swim across the lake’s closest gap to the mainland before hiking to the farm ruins. At the challenge site, using two poles and a chain, teams navigate through the field by answering a series of questions. Each correct answer will give them a numerical value that correlates to a compass bearing. In the last point, they have to dig up the clue that points to the finish line. (Physical+Mental)

D: 4/5

* Look at those animals running around the field.

* Purple admitted that they wanted to show that they are invincible.

* Kari has bathroom issues. Seriously, how many injuries that the show wants to show to prove that this expedition is impossible (ok, the hiking seems really long).

* Finally, a mental challenge that the Lead Team does not solve in less than a minute of screen time. Though, the questions…I would have like it for the show to present some fun facts between episodes to make it more interactive for the viewers.

* The blunder that Pink made is insane (like didn’t they watch how the other teams did it before Orange shows up?). And if Teal wants to strategically take out Orange, would it be advantageous for them to show Pink how to solve the puzzle?

* The moral of this episode should be more about listen to directions than never give up, especially the last episode…no the entire season is about never give up.

* Now, let’s say goodbye for the last all-female team standing, California Girls (Pink). Seriously, it’s a big miracle with Pink being on the top half of this show.

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