Expedition Impossible: Come Hell Or High Water

Just one more step…

It started out with a rivalry type of division between 2 camps, Purple & Orange and Teal & Football-Blue, with Cop-Blue being utterly irrelevant. This is unlike the antagonistic type of division between Gabby & Tai (Scream Queens 2, remember them?), since the two camps of this season had never shown disdain for each other.

And this is a elimination day.

Lead Team: Purple

Last Group: Teal, Football-Blue, Orange, Cop-Blue

That’s a eye opener.


Trek through the Tillouguit village to a river, pick a guide and a raft to navigate the Ahansai River white waters to the mule bridge. Solve a riddle to open the lock on a box containing food and the next set of instructions. (Physical, Mental)

D: 3/5

* My initial reaction when Ike sits on the river is: “That’s dangerous.” Before realizing that he has an inside fracture, not a external cut. (And disregard that everyone did an sail on an ocean last episode).

* Another river boat challenge?

* The puzzle is simply effective, it will spend me 10 minutes to answer this puzzle

* A game of alliances, where the loser (The Cops, though most is more of them having a problem with the raft) is the person who never chooses to stand by 1 side.

* I understand that why Purple wanted to team up with Orange (like Teal AJ said, they are buddies and Purple know that they can beat Orange), so I’m don’t understand why Teal wanted to team up with Football-Blue over Cop-Blue since Football-Blue never fell below 4th, and are extremely athletic in things that are not connected with water.

* A strange occurrence that the last team actually solve the puzzle the fastest in on-screen minutes.


After rafting to a muddy spot that’s called “The Soup”, hike across the canyon to a lakeshore, then paddle 1.5 miles to Rocky Beach using a traditional Moroccan tin boat. Trek 2 miles to Widow’s Ledge, rappel down to a cave. Crawl through the cave tunnels. Then, find the correct ceramic pot with the matching symbol. Swim and walk to the finish line, a wheat field. (Physical, Guts, Luck, Mental)

D: 4/5

* The Soup is a place where nobody believes in real life, but it’s still there.

* Cop-Blue Jim lose his PFD (personal flotation device for short) in the hike. Good things is that Football-Blue picked it because they thought it is from Teal (which also has the underlying message that they thought Teal is forgetful)…and then dropped it when Cop-Blue came running back for his PFD. A game of alliance man (By the way, do you think that Orange ignored the PFD in the ground, intentionally or unintentionally?)

* It’s already 8 hours? I certainly don’t feel it.

* 4 boat challenges, in a span of 2 episodes.

* Another rappelling challenge? Though I give it a pass since this rappelling is more unique.

* The exploration into the cave is more unique than finding a pot inside the cave. That ledge give me goosebumps.

* Come to think about it, some of these challenges are rather unfair for Orange Erik, like how can he able to know how many snakes there are in a snake charming performance, how can be build a farming plow alone, how can he spot a symbol when skydiving, and how can he identify when pot is the right pot?

* This is the second episode in a row that a team failed to read their clues, as a result, beaten in a footrace, especially from someone with an injured ankle.

* Now Teal Kari is the only female contestant left in this expedition.

* And we say goodbye to Cops, Cop-Blue. And the semi-finals is concluded.

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