Expedition Impossible: And Then There Were Four

They ride animals, they row boats, they walk mountain, and they solve puzzles.

And now, there were four.

The Gypsies (Purple), where they shamelessly won stages after stages, and their only opposition is John’s rolled ankle.

Fab 3 (Teal), the only team that beaten Purple for 1 stage, but they were either sick, or yelling at each other, or both.

Football Players (Football-Blue), they are rookies in outdoors, and bad with waters, but their physical prowess got them in the lead pack.

No Limits (Orange), having a blind guy and a guy with a fractured ankle didn’t keep them from having strong finishes and inspire everybody, mostly with their determination and knowing how to follow the instructions better than the last 2 teams.

This is the final episode.

Night before the stage starts.

Everybody talked about being in the finals, and gathered together for a Moroccan feast. Seeing the food kinda makes me feel that they should have an eating challenge in the expedition, and more focused camp life.

First off, everybody started the race together, than there is an elimination in the course, I boo at the later part.


Paddle 2 miles in Moroccan tin boats. Shovel a pile of rocks and shift them to find two rocks with amethyst. Trade the amethyst for horses. Teams ride on the horses 3.5 miles to the next checkpoint. The last team to arrive will be evacuated (Physical, Luck, Skill)

D: 3/5

* Another point A to point B boat challenge, boring.

* The digging challenge is good, but not exciting.

* Horse riding is a good comeback in animal riding.

* And we say goodbye to Football Players (Football-Blue). I never like teams being eliminated on course (especially when it is early as the first episode), but with Akbar’s injury due to falling from a horse, I’m okay with it.

Teams are equalized again, and the expedition continues.


Drive 22 miles through the desert to find the next checkpoint hidden in the crowded marketplace, Jemaa el-Fnaa, Marrakesh. Based on the clue written in Arabic, teams go to their next checkpoint, Saadian Tombs. Given a map, teams navigate through the town to locate a secret entrance to an old palace prison. Go down to the basement to find a Moroccan puzzle box. Open the box to retrieve a key to unlock the ladder, then use it to climb up the castle walls to reveal the location of the finish line. (Mental)

D: 4/5

* This show can’t even make the sponsored Ford Explorer unique, the driving segment showed: it can ride through mud, that’s it.

* I thought they search the the marketplace checkpoint by searching around, not using French.

* The Arabic search is also boring.

* But the Secret Entrance search is awesome, looking at teams just being lost despite having a map is insane. And with this challenge, Teal is unofficially out of the running with them going extremely off course, as in leaving the city for a hour.

* As the Moroccan Puzzle Box Challenge, boring in tv, especially as the final challenge.

* The people besides the finish line. Who are they?

* The only variation is the color, sigh…

* The last scene with Orange & Purple having fun with Purple new cars is um…

But whatever, congratulations to The Gypsies (Purple) for being the winner of the entire expedition by shameless dominating the entire expedition.

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