Expedition Impossible: Final Thoughts

I will be hard for me to watch this show again, but I think that it has potential.

Average Placing (Without Counting Overnight Camp Placements)

=(Sum of Positions According To Stages) divide with (Number Of Stages That Team Competed In)

Purple: 1.09

Orange: 3.36

Teal: 3.55

Football-Blue: 3.4

Cop-Blue: 6.44

Pink: 7

Camo: 5.71

Brown: 6.83

Fire-Blue: 7.4



YGreen: 11.5

Black: 13


I actually don’t mind having teams of 3, but having 13 teams of 3 in a 10 episode expedition proved to be bad, and some of players become as notable as air. Worst of all, most of the people are edited to be one-dimensional, with no one having a spiritual character development on screen. And there is no full storyline to be told by from the editors’ perspective.

And according to the average placement above, there is a huge disparity in team’s collective strength, a huge gap between Purple and Orange (2.27) and another huge gap between Teal and Camo (2.16).


Part of my issue. The majority of them simple Point A to Point B challenges that has to be needed , whether with animals, cars, foot and boat in hills, flatlands, rivers and sea. Worst of all, the beautiful scenery in Morocco is not as focused than teams going from point A to point B.

Come to think about it, there are no bicycle riding challenges.

Favorite Challenges:

* Locate Water The Berber Way (Episode 1): While I didn’t like that teams from behind can simply take the water from the lead teams’ effort, it is ingenious, educational and show a glimpse of Berber culture.

* Snake Charming (Episode 1): Another challenge that shows the Berber culture, and having a really sever penalty if you guessed wrong.

* Atlas Mountain Hike (Episode 4): While it is a Point A to Point B challenge, it’s snow, there’s snow in Morocco.

* Cave Simple Memorization (Episode 6): Quite exhausting and tricky when teams realize that they need to choose 1 correct symbol from 4 after they swam into the cave.

* Skydive (Episode 7): The only air based challenge that teams are able to compete, beside using another air transport to go home. Added points for mixing it with a mental task.

* Two Poles & Chain (Episode 8): A strong mental challenge that the lead teams didn’t immediately solve, and the way Pink was evacuated is epic .Would be better if viewers can solve some of the trivia questions to boost interactivity,

* Paddling Through The Soup (Episode 9): Look at how those the water and the mud are perfectly separated

* Cave Exploration (Episode 9): A rappel challenge that didn’t simply go from Point A to Point B, while the things that they do inside the cave left something to be desired, the exploration inside the cave gives me goosebumps.

* Prison Navigation (Episode 10): Chaotic and insane, even when the teams have a map.

Turns out that I really like a lot of challenges this season provides.


Morocco and it’s locations are sort of like a second priority and the camps are mostly irrelevant despite having teams staying there.


For sleeping in non-solid shelter, walking from places to places, having health issues for 50,000 US dollars and a car as a grand prize, you have a better chance with The Amazing Race, where least there are prizes to be won in non-finale legs there, while Expedition Impossible only have a headstart as a first place prize except for the finale.

Well, that’s it , and goodbye Expedition Impossible.


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