How My Dream All Stars Work For Some Reality Shows.

First, the All Star season will be held every 9 seasons, no more, and never less. So the casting could do a good job in casting the stars instead of forcing to choose B-Star characters.

And now we more to the more specific part for each reality shows (All of them in American format) of what I would like them to work.

1. American’s Next Top Model (Original All Star: 17)

How my dream All-Stars will go: Replace the “challenges” with catwalks, commercials, go-sees and social media. While the photoshoots must be varied (swimwear, couture gowns, high fashion, B & W, technological jeweleries…). Prize will at least contains at least 500,000 US dollars (since I can’t see model managements would want to hire some girls that are essentially in their late 20s)

2. The Amazing Race (Original All Star: 11)

How my dream All-Stars will go: Locations would consist of 2 USA legs, 2 Latin America legs, 2 Africa legs, 2 Europe legs, 2 Asia legs and 2 Oceania legs. Challenges of course, must be challenging since it is All-Stars. Replace Speed Bumps & U-Turn with a Hazard (a penalty that forces teams to do more work in that particular challenge), and the biggest shocker, Fast Forwards, Detours and Roadblocks are replaced with sometimes cryptic Route Infos.  The prize will be increased to 2 million dollars, so say goodbye to leg prizes, which will be converted to additional time advantage.

3. Survivor (Original All Star: 8)

How my dream All-Stars will go: 16 people, 2 tribe format, no tribe swap, no HII, Final 2, 2 million dollars. The catch, everybody will be going to a colder climate, and the elimination will be decided by, 2 people with the most votes had to battle in a survival skills challenge (in gutting a fish, identify the species of fish and decoding a Morse Code from a lighthouse).

4. Big Brother (Original All Star: 7)

How my dream All-Stars will go: This is a hard one. Um…Present a news broadcaster that provide limited daily news (for future challenges, or a point of new conversation), make the houseguests earn money by doing job challenges (like folding origami papers and perform a drama), make the houseguests lose money by strategic or luxurious temptations (like going to the jury house for a day, nullify votes to a player). How about make the former players (all of them, there’s no jury) decide who the Final 2 shall be, and the public decide who will will the show (Don’t worry, elimination is still the same).

5. Project Runway (Original All Star: A spin off)

How my dream All-Stars will go: Give the designers a budget money of $3,000 each, winner of 1 challenge will receive additional budget money. Put designers in teams in every single week to make a stylish collection. The challenges will be at least 4 days long, and contains themes that combine with selected fabric (like making separates with using only 1 fabric, make an British avant garde design with only silk and inspired from a sad song then make a lingerie with only cotton).

So, what do want your reality show All-Star to work like (As in, you can include shows like Masterchef or Top Chef)?

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