Expedition Impossible: Leap Of Faith

A lot of first time triggered in the last episode, with Purple ended up not being 1st, an all male team being eliminated and 2 rappelling challenges in a same episode. But whatever, let's move on after I changed my blog look back to the Big Brother (since it's free and rather easy to navigate … Continue reading Expedition Impossible: Leap Of Faith

Expedition Impossible: A Blind’s Man Nightmare

Hi, I changed a new look for my profile page to suit what I'm currently recapping right now. I call the picture Camo 25, though strangely Country Boys are not my favorite team, just felt that this look suit my expedition. And yeah, I made this as an opening just to do the opening. Why … Continue reading Expedition Impossible: A Blind’s Man Nightmare

Expedition Impossible: “There’s Snow In Morocco?”

Time for a new expedition in Morocco, this stage, they are traveling on snow. P.S: Even I went back from a vacation, I have never heard that Camo talked about Chad being physically weak in the previous episode. But really, Chad even got outran by Black (Latin Persuasion, remember them?) when hiking up in sand … Continue reading Expedition Impossible: “There’s Snow In Morocco?”

Expedition Impossible: I Don’t Know How To Ride This Thing

Sigh, when the intro only shows us 100% of the previous episode, and I'm not going to use the previews of the nest episode, it will result in a bland opening. But please stay to read. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJJJJE9r7Y8 This stage, it's so difficult that it will be separated into 2 days. But at least one of … Continue reading Expedition Impossible: I Don’t Know How To Ride This Thing

Expedition Impossible: Light My Way

Time for stage 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puJQPzjXK9o So how the leg start is kinda different, where they are set in groups. In this stage: Lead Team: Purple (Who had a 5 minute headstart) P.S: Knowing different languages is too huge as an advantage. Second Group: Teal, Football-Blue, Red P.S: Kinda strange that the producers tends to focus … Continue reading Expedition Impossible: Light My Way