Cha$e: Introduction

After my failed attempt of doing a recap of China’s Next Top Model (I’m sorry, I don’t think I can continue watching that season). I decided to scrap it to start another recap for another reality show, Cha$e, a show that I randomly stumble upon in YouTube.

According to Wiki, Cha$e starred on SyFy in the US as a mid season replacement for Battleship Galatica.

Mid season replacement: Television series that premieres in the second half of the traditional television season. Usually take place after a show that was in the fall schedule was canceled or put on hiatus, or a program had a shortened season for some other reason which resulted in a time slot that needed filling.

How the Game Works

Starting with 10 contestants, released to a playing field, they must avoid the hunters, find money flags and play in challenges that grants utilities. Then find the exit point in 60 minutes.

Playing field: The area that contestants wander around to find the exit, gain bonus money, and participate in challenges.

Hunters: “Humanoid Machines” that are hired to capture contestants, removing them out of the game.

Money flags: Aside from the money that contestants earn by just surviving, money flags provide bonus money that add in to your final prize.

Challenges: If contestants win these, they win utilities.

Utilities: Items that are used to defend themselves from hunters.

So, let’s hop in.


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