Cha$e: The Harbor

So here we are the first episode, presented by Trey Farley.

I’ll add things when the show runs.

And cheers to YouTuber DerikxHush

Game-board: Port in Terminal Island

Utility: Runner Pack

Given by the start of the game, at least it contains a cell phone, a map and storage space.

With the show runs on, we present the contestants, known as the runners.

Wait, the phone rings.


Arrange barrels in a specific order to receive a deflector

Deflector: Used to force a hunter to turn 180 degrees and walk away. 1 time use.

* An okay risk-reward challenge, though I’m not sure about some challenges being a group effort, especially with everyone (including a slightly scatterbrained Arielle 22) getting the deflector.

* The way that the hunters arrive is awesome.

* And what does the title jumper (Agent Vasquez specialty) means? He jump higher than other hunters?

* In just the 5th minute, which is a little too fast, the 3rd hunter will be released.

* Another cool feature in this episode is that it provides 2 ferries can transport 3 contestants at once from 1 point to another. Of course, no hunters allowed.

* Even without the chicken legs, Cleavant 22 also had a bad tendency of talking rather useful advice in an earshot of other people.

* Demetrios 35 shirt, looks impractical for doing sports.

* Jason 37:¬†I’m a late bloomer in¬†athleticism, the more I age, the more athletic I become (trips from a broken down lamppost, because eyesight is not included in the athleticism package)

* The first alliance is formed between Cleavant 22, Demetrios 35, and Bryan 28 (who showed his naval in his introduction phase), because they teamed up in a boat, though it might be short lived when they meet Hunter Grant…

* Eva 47, found a money flag (which right now, is so hidden that sometimes viewers forget about it).

* And with various close calls, deflecting people and forcing yourself to ignore the camera crew while searching for the contestants, we have our first ever victim, Bryan 28 in $2,000 mark, caught by Hunter Grant due to being stabbed in the back by Cleavant 22 for not deflecting him.

* A call from Trey, including to Arielle 22 running from Hunter Vasquez and birds. Seems to be a chance to get invisible from the hunters.

* Turns out that the backpack contains an alarm, to deactivate, contestants needs to link their backpacks together. Successful to do so, provides an Invisibility Glasses

Invisibility Glasses: Make yourself invisible to Hunters for 2 minutes.

* Psychologically a strong challenge, and gives some dilemma about whether you want to help the person who still has an alarm.

* By the way, a horrible play by Laura 30 for using the invisibility glasses too early.

* After the challenge is over (along with everyone suffering from the alarm, the first clue of the exit point is revealed: Stay seaside if you want to see the money.

* And another twist, a chance to opt off the game for $3,000 (Basically a good things for people who is just here for earn more than just a stipend), and the person who opted out is…Jason 37 despite having both the deflector and the invisibility glasses.

* By the way, is the alarm really that useful for the Hunters?

* Hiding behind a basket is a horrible attempt even by children standards, Cynthia 28

* Laura 30 is totally a loony under pressure.

* In $8800 mark, Arielle 22 is caught by Hunter Amazon.

* In the next challenge that provides Sonic Stunner, teams have to paddle half a mile in less than 5 minutes before a Hunter gets out a cage near the contestant that is attempting the challenge. (By the way, what a crap for saying that Hunters are denied from entering the challenge location, while a Hunter in a cage is not included).

Sonic Stunner: Freezes hunters for 2 minutes.

* Bill 33 & Cynthia 28 got the Sonic Stunner, while after being tired on staying in a boat, Laura 30 shake Hunter Grant’s hand and eliminated from the competition in the $12,000 mark. Who knows staying in a boat can be so tiring (Though be fair of her, she has no defenses left).

* Along with the Hunters in the cages being out to hunt, a side of the map is now unavailable to both the contestants and Hunters. With the only person that ended up on the wrong side of the map, Cleavant 22 is now disqualified in the $20,000 mark.

* In less than 5 minutes left, a spotter agent on a Spyder motorcycle is released.

Spotter agent: Unable to catch contestants, but can warn the contestants’ presence to other Hunters. By the way, riding a motorcycle when the Hunter’s (Wong) specialty is stealth is unrealistic.

Spyder motorcycle: A 3 wheeler that looks like a snowmobile.

* With the game now being on the near, the exit location is opened and revealed, Al Larson’s Mariana, first person arrives first in under 60 minutes wins $25,000.

* Due to using both of her gadgets in quick succession for not having full awareness in the surroundings, and spotted by Hunter Wong, Mecca is caught by Hunter Grant in the $24,000 mark, that’s brutal.

* And the footrace, the winner of this episode Cha$e is…Bill 33, who want to use the money to support his family.

* Players survived in this episode: 4

Players caught: 4

MVP Hunter: Grant

Money Flags obtained: 1

Favorite Challenge: Backpack Link, because of the psychological aspect of this challenge

Notable moments:

Jason 37, falling from the lamppost

Laura 30 sanity slippage

The arrival of the first 2 Hunters.

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