Cha$e: Botanical Gardens

This is the episode that I watched before deciding to recap this show. Reason how I find it?

Tyra Banks “Modelville”, featuring models that needed an additional paycheck to live and still needed a push to become international supermodels.

(By the way, I still haven’t watch a full episode of Modelville yet, not even the first episode).

But that’s no the show I’m recapping right now, Cha$e is, and the game is starting, right now.

* Preview and rules, how insignificantly useful you are right now.


Trap yourself into a birdcage, 2 birdcages, 5 each. Work together to travel with the cage into finding tools that can help you break out of the cage. First team break the cage wins deflectors, losers will find deflectors at the fountain area for a limited time.

* After a series of cluster F-bombings and losing a map, Group 2 won the deflectors. Their strategy (with them running to tools while cutting) is solid, also notable is that Tyler 22 showed his agility.

* After this challenge, only Lucy 26 and Dianne 26 didn’t have the deflectors, and Dianne still haven’t found her map.

* In a midst of forming an alliance, Tyler 22 decided to camouflage himself with mud. Maybe he should wear brown to improve that trick.

* The money flag thing that Wahed 22 found, how well do these things kept hidden? In just minutes, Wahed 22 is considered chicken food by the cast.

* Now there’s 2 maps lost (from Lucy 26 & Dianne 26), great efficiency, janitor, you have just make 2 players chicken feed, in Shane 37 mind.

* Mardell 34: Oh…deer. Oh…Hunter. Oh…Deflector.

* With Shane 37 being B-on from the host and his own ego, I think I know this storyline is going.

* And Portia 21 smart but ultimately futile move by hiding using a wall, 1 deflector is gone in this game for good. Who will be next, a deflector? Or a player?

* Now with 1 deflector down (Paul 29), teams have to go to one of the 3 locations, there locate a tripwire maze that contains a Sonic Stunner in the end, watch out though, some wires are noise trapped.

* Okay, the alarm is officially useless are a warning sign to the Hunters, alongside with the Hunters forced slow speed of course. Though the tripwire is a good trapping mechanic.

* Um Potia 21, Wahed 22 just said the warning in front of you.

* The challenge is over with only Tyler 22 and Dianne 26 getting the Sonic Stunner, and nobody got caught despite the alarm, yay for the alarm being a ironic benefit for the contestants.

* And this episode claims the first capture, by Hunter Vazquez in the $4200 mark, Shane 37 is caught. And Dianne & Lucy are happily mocking his misogyny, though they might be worry because that’s 1 contestant less for the Hunter to Hunt.

* By the way, I don’t like the term karma being used here, since Shane 37 still had a right mindset to let people caught and targeted first. But whatever, who do you think is going to get caught next?

* That’s an awful moment for Tyler 22, who just basically used all his gadgets to still survive.

* The first clue appears: Stay on track and you could win.

* Funny when Tyler 22 mock the girls for being dumb (the reasoning is…thin air?). A short group meeting between Dianne 26, Lucy 26 and Wahed 22 is cut short with a Hunter from thin air, and Lucy 26 took Wahed 22’s map with her.

* Mardell 34: Phew, I just got myself out of the blonde who is smaller than me, and when I mean small I mean short- No, Hispanic, ah! (Caught by Hunter Vazquez in $5700 mark).

* The $2,000 bail out for the first call, who gets it in this 5 way (between Tyler 22, Lucy 26, Steve 36, Wahed 22, and Portia 21, I can’t sort her out with Jessica 25) is…

Lucy 26: I call first? Yay.

Dianne 26: Aw (My situational shield is gone)…Congratulations NBSF (New Best Situational Friend)

Lucy 26: Too bad I don’t have a money flag with me (Where do they hide these things), but here’s Wahed 22 map. And girl power.

* Wahed 22: I lost my map (Thud), used my deflector (Thud), got people wondering how I become a security guard (Thud). Now I’m out of breath (Caught by Hunter Vazquez who trained himself not to laugh at any misfortune, he’s the stealth guy, in the $8400 mark).

* Steve 36: So Wahed 22 is caught, now where should I go woah (caught by Hunter Grant in the $8800 mark)

* Dianne 26, which telephone lets you know that the guys (mostly consisting of Shane 37 and Tyler 22) talking smack about you? The editors are quite the record machine about theme of this episode.

* After Dianne 26 used her Sonic Stunner, the next challenge has commenced. Use your cellphone to take a picture of a Hunter to win Invisibility Glasses.

* Now the chaos is set, along with a fifth Hunter (Kim) released, who will win this episode, Cha$e?

* Definitely a good risk/reward challenge, winning a gadget that is very crucial to running towards the exit is very tempting.

* There is a strong contrast between Tyler 22 and Dianne 26, Tyler 22 is more of a person that using his physical ability, while Dianne 26 uses more of the classic sneaking (not even 1 Hunter has targeted her spot).

* In the $18000 mark, Jessica 25 is caught by Hunter Wong. Then in the $20000 mark, Hunter Wong did it again with Portia. Sorry, I just struggled to remember them, especially distinguish themselves of who’s who.

* And the second clue to the exit point revealed: The first bird catches the 25K. Along with a Spotter Hunter, this time with a Segway Personal Transporter, for a parkour specialized Hunter.

* How Tyler 22 used the Invisibility Glasses is what the gadget is best used for, good job.

* That is an awesome footrace between Tyler 22 and Dianne 26 towards Maintenance Gate 2. And the biggest difference comes from…

Tyler 22: (Touched the gate) Yes I (cut to Dianne 26 pushing the gate…and winning the game) What?

An understanding of a winning condition.

The money? Will be used for a vacation with her child, to Disneyland!

Favorite Challenge: Hunter Photography

Contestants Caught: 6

MVP Hunter: Hunter Vazquez

Memorable Moments

1. Wahed 22 falling over and over

2. The footrace…determined by a winning condition.

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