Cha$e: The Studio Backlot

This episode game board is the Universal Backlot, one of the places where America make their Hollywood films for dreams, reputation and profit.

These runners, who most of them watch the actions that are displayed in the cinemas, will now be watched and do the actions, themselves.

Host: Runner, after all the introduction of the rules, I will present you with a special guest. Former WWE wrestler Ricky Ortiz, who is here to show everyone that he looks good in a suit even with his hair, and hunt you.

* Sure, it is a movie studio, but the water effects are great as a opening shot.

* And in under a minute to a challenge location, 1 map is dropped (which is retrieved by Darin 46 for his team).

* With 2 teams of 5 in Robertson’s Salon, teams bounce off lasers of mirrors to light up a disco ball, 1st team to finish wins Deflectors, losers get Deflectors outside. Aside from being seemingly easy, the layout is kinda unfair to the Red Team. Cool effects though

* Now the Hunters are released, and the Deflectors are equipped the hour is starting to heat up.

* All of the sudden, the amount of money flags collected is more than the first 2 episodes combined, maybe because of the money flags placement here are kinda obvious? Before Hunter Vazquez is activated, 9 money flags are obtained (and more are taken, mostly by Lucas 32)

* Between the smoke and a potential alliance between Lucas 32, Trisha 28 and London 46. The first Deflector of Lucas 32 is down because of a bad hiding spot and for actively using the Deflector for no strategic reason.

* Along with an alliance between Trisha 28 & London 46, who first used Trisha Deflector to outsmart a Hunter, and then used London Deflector to protect both of them (and Evan 29). What with this trend of everyone being aggressive with their Deflectors?

* As it turns out, the bag pack that they are wearing is loaded with 5 pound of weight (Of course, when does this bag become useful besides carrying additional space). To unload it, they must go to the Jaws Lake, place their load to Hunter Ortiz’s vest and grab a Sonic Stunner for completing it. Whoever comes up with this challenge that absolutely provides zero risks for the runners should be reprimanded.

* At least that challenge had Hunter Ortiz talking smack to everyone in the time he’s still inactive.

* Like Lucas 32 going around packing himself with money flags (at here he’s now at 10), Hunter Ortiz is now activated, going around packing himself with 45 pounds of weights

* Around the $5690 mark, Ameenah 34 found herself a dead end, and caught by Hunter Grant

* Exit Clue 1: Steer Clear from the Bates Motel, well, they have Hunters to worry about, of course none of them want to appear near psychos.

* The obligatory bail out round, where the person who bail out is…Evan 29, thanks to the only other runner to call, Darin 46 had a slight learning error on using the phone. Though I’m surprised that Lynda 59 didn’t bail out.

* Not too long later, Darin 46 is caught by Hunter Wong in the $6880 mark. Cowardly doesn’t pay, especially when that challenge only benefits the runners and weakens the Hunters.

* Then Lynda 59 is snaked out by Hunter Icey (great job, Hunter Icey, Lynda can’t even react) in the $7740 mark, suddenly the Runners are starting to leave in an alarming rate. Will any of them still survive?

* In the $10207 mark, Tracy 30 is caught by Hunter Grant, who is then stunned by Adria 25 Sonic Stunner, and her hilarious panic reaction.

Adria 25 Face

* And to prove that the bag is more of a liability, the bag contains a homing device (something that can locate you), to deactivate it, go to a deactivation center, swipe your ID card and get an Invisibility Glasses as a bonus. Really, really simple. Also, the weight vest that Hunter Ortiz needs to wear is now released.

* So apparently, Deflect a Stunned Hunter is considered an awful move. Got it, just be calm

* Still, the homing device is definitely a bad thing to wear with when you are being hunted, thanks to failing a mission that makes the producers decide to fire the challenge maker after this episode. But then again, this type is a alarm type, and alarm have a horrible record on finding runners.

* I think that Adria 25 is better off without gadgets, she looks frazzled with them

* In the $20700 mark, Andrew 21 caught by Hunter Kim, not bad for someone who got an alarm in his back. And Hunter Kim does it again by catching money focused Lucas 32 in the $21667 mark, with the help of Hunter Ortiz

* Now the exit point is revealed, a hanging toy shark at Jaws Lake, first person to grab the flag off the shark wins. That’s an unexpected exit point, and with nobody having any defense tool, it’s bound to get messy

* Despite all the shilling that Hunter Ortiz get, he did caught Adria 25 in the $23383 mark, with a terrifying roar.

* But now it’s a footrace for the gold, between Trisha 28 and London 46, who will arrive first, or will any of them arrive first?

* It’s official, the winner is…for a second time in a row, Trisha 28 wins this episode because London 46 misunderstood the winning condition.

* So what will the money be used, Trisha Lurie who commented on YouTube?

“I did use the money to move to Santa Monica and so my son is now in a great school 🙂 I also slpit the money with London who was with me all the way to the end. This show was a great chance for me to get out of a bad situation : The show was over 4 years ago now I think.. But I ran across these on YouTube today.. was interesting to watch again.”


Runners caught: 7

MVP Hunter: Hunter Grant & Hunter Kim, not Hunter Ricky Ortiz

Favorite Challenge: Laser Challenge, because the other 2 sucked.

Notable Moments

1. Hunter Icey stealthily caught Lynda 59.

2. Adria 25 stun face.


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