Cha$e: The Warehouse District

This episode game, is placed in a city, which means that everyone (Runners And Hunters) obey they traffic rules. So let’s cut to the Cha$e.


In 5 minutes, unlock the door with assembling pieces of gears. Group effort. 1st Hunter, Vazquez released in the 4th minute.

* The challenge is a vast improvement from the last episode, though this is rather plain.

* The 10th minute mark, Hunter Wong is released, by the way, the Hunter’s introduction are quite more detailed.

* Almost everybody is using alliances to get through the hour, maybe the producers shouldn’t put them in 1 truck to discuss about strategy.

* Hunter Vazquez (in a goldmine on having 4 Runners in a pot) jumping shouldn’t be funny, but since he rarely jumps despite being a Jumper for a title, it’s actually a nice callback for his tile

* I’ll recap some of the groups: Josh 38 with Cassy 23, Anup 37 with Brain 25 and Dalet 26 and Jenny 32. Enough to fill up a quater of 1 Amazing Race cast qualification. Which system will prevail in this episode, Alliance or Solo?

* One thing is for sure is that this season the Runners are willing to go strategic, like Davey 24 trying to make Josh 38 and Cassy 23 hunted, but ended up using his Deflector to deflect said Hunter. And another with the Josh, Casey duo trying too hard to manipulating everybody to accidentally get themselves caught.

* In the $2313 mark, Brian 25 is caught by Hunter Wong before Anup 37 deflected him.


In 10 minutes, locate the Invisibility Glasses in 3 places (Flower shop, Fabric Mart or Luggage store).

* A boring challenge where no Runners are at risk when going inside the store. By the way, wouldn’t it be beneficial for Runners to hide in stores?

* The first exit clue: Hitting a wall is not a bad thing.

* Right now, there are 3 alliance duos, of Josh with Casey, Dalet with Jenny (both used their Deflectors) and the new alliance of Apryl with Des (bonded by lacking in foot speed).

* In the $7720 mark, Jenny 32 is caught by Hunter Kim. And then in the $8820 mark, Dalet 26 is caught by Hunter Scott for taking off her Glasses too fast. Do you think that the producers intentionally make the glasses uncomfortable to screw the Runners?

* The 40th minute, and the bail out of $2000 is offered, and the person who wants out is…

Brianna: Hello, I would like to (gets caught by Hunter Scott in the $10208 mark) …what, I don’t get the money? Gosh!


Locate 2 parking lots, 10 minutes Runners must navigate a metal maze to get the Sonic Stunner. First come, first serve.

* At least the challenge is good enough to over weigh how bland the process of this challenge. First come first serve might not be a good policy to add in this kind of show.

* This episode Spotter Hunter, Icey, is driving around in a “Little Red Fire Truck”, the fire part might be debatable,

By the way, I heard this song in my childhood. Though all of them are sleepovers with my aunt. Well my aunt’s only daughter had intellectual deficiency, so most of the songs I hear from my aunt’s car are children’s song (especially Barney). She is starting to get independent though, starting from selling currypuffs in lower ground floor at Malaysia’s 1 Utama KL.

* Back to the show, with the second clue: It pays to find most alleyways. But it’s irrelevant now, the exit point is now open: a car camp at 517 East 11 Street.

* Now for the mad dash, Cassy 23, caught by Hunter Amazon in the $23083 mark by sacrificing herself for Josh 38. But it’s futile since Josh 38 is then caught by Hunter Kim in the $23767 mark. So much for having an alliance.

* And the winner of this episode Cha$e is…Davey 24, hurray for going solo (and other Runners either going to a wrong ramp, or just being too far from the exit point).

* That’s a surprisingly bland episode, which is an insult for having a 70 year old man, 24 year old tattooed guy, and a duo being accused of flirting with each other despite having an age difference that it might cause a relationship meltdown in the long run.

Runners Caught: 6

MVP Hunter: Kim, 3

Favorite Challenge: Metal Maze, okay, all three challenges here are below average.


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