The Cha$e: The Theme Park

Welcome to a theme park, where beauties that came out from luxurious cars, and brains that came by foot to meet each other. Unsurprisingly, they are not on a blind date, they are here to play a large scale hide, and seek. In nighttime no less.


With some uses of tools (Hammers, Ice Picks or Blow Torches) Break though an ice block to get a Freeze Ray.

2 groups of 5, 7 minutes.

Freeze Ray: Freeze for 1 Hunter for 60 seconds, though are they any difference with the Sonic Stunner?

* In under 2 minutes, Brittanee 21 surprises everyone by knowing how to break the ice with an ice pick, and abandoning every other girls that promises to help each other

* And then Larry 31 stole Kyle’s 24 designated Freeze Ray right after Hunter Amazon is released. There are ruthless people here.

* That is a really great opening challenge despite no one being in real danger.

In the search for the money flags, the girls talked about Brittanee 21 betrayal. And in a new record for the worst surviving record in the $907 mark, Matthew 24 is caught by Hunter Amazon without even trying.

Brittanee 21 decision of betrayal turned out to be a bad move, as her troubles of navigating a map and then forgetting to unlock the case makes her caught by Hunter Amazon in the $1800 mark.

During a money flag collection montage, Bernadette 30 is caught by Hunter Amazon (who is on a roll) in the $2467 mark, mostly because that she’s separated from her alliance when they’re spooked out by Hunter T-Bo. At least she knew how to use a Freeze Ray towards Hunter T-Bo.

3 contestants eliminated by the end of the 2nd clip? This episode is either difficult, or the first 3 contestants booted sucked at hiding or running (technically 2, since Bernadette is more unlucky with having 2 Hunters around her).

With the remaining 3 girls trying to getting an alliance to a walking by Larry 31, Kyle 24 is caught by Hunter Amazon in the $3840 mark, seriously, is the gadget Freeze Ray so difficult to use that not a lot of people know how to use it?

(Though I won’t say that everyone here is dumb since there had another money flag montage)

Still, 4 runners out before the 3rd Hunter is released is a horrible predicament for the remaining Runners.


In 5 minutes, beauty and brains (3 each) must cuff together in time before a signal started to flash at night for 5 minutes. And must be cuffed until the mission is over. Finish this will earn both of them a Deflector.

* Whitney 21: Hello, you’re name is what, H…

Haben 30 (Who just got his 7th money flag): Hello, beauty, you need to cuff me for a Deflector. Let’s have our first date at the Gorilla.

Whitney 21: Fine (Stumbled upon a Hunter, forgot to use her Freeze Ray, caught by Hunter T-Bo in the $5560 mark).

* In the middle of all the chaos, Larry 31 (who is smart enough to get himself with the girls) and Niki 26 (who is quick enough to cuff with Nick first) are rather relaxed with their newly acquired Deflectors and think of it as a pressured date around the theme park. Of course, not having to burden themselves with the I’m Here lights help.

* If the contestants survivability aren’t below average for this episode, this would have been a fun psychological challenge, especially when the contestants are in odd numbers.

And the lights lit up and the couple still cuffed for 5 minutes. Lauren 24 (who don’t know how to call people with a cellphone) is caught by Hunter T-Bo in the $8493 mark. Seriously, 6 contestants eliminated before the $10000 is just insanely awful even with the show standards.

Now the first clue is revealed: Always make sure you’re steps away from winning. Like any random blind date couple in The Amazing Race, Larry 31 and Niki 26 are focusing more on how to work together after mostly being better off by working alone

Despite putting up a good fight and an ridiculous archetype, Nick 28 is caught by Hunter Amazon in the $12433 mark


In 5 minutes at 2 locations, play a color coded sequence from the monitor to get Invisibility Glasses while being pressurized by Hunters in a cage.

* It’s definitely difficult and I can sympathize with Niki 26 is so close of having a meltdown.

Exit Point 2: Tonight’s not a good night to walk in the city. Even with this clue Haben 30 decided to stay in the city. While the only date is episode is finally off.

In less than 5 minutes, the rather late bail out is finally here (this time with a 3k than the usual 2k) due to the fact that most of this episode sucked, and the runner who bailed out is…Niki 26, which is good for her as she’s inches of having a breakdown.

And the exit point is revealed: Starway Escalator Theme Park.

With the last 2 Runners fighting for the 25k…Larry 31 is caught by Hunter Scoot in the $24650 mark. And Haben 30, with an additional 10k worth of money flags…

Runners In The Jail: What happened? What, everybody loses? Guess that brains and beauties sucked at hide and run.

does not reached the exit point.

This episode is over, everybody (except for technically Niki with a 3k) loses.

Runners caught: 8

MVP Hunter: Amazon, 5

Favorite Challenge: Lights Sequence

Notable Moments

1. Mostly everybody not knowing how to use the Freeze Ray

2. Larry 31 and Nikki 26 blind date.

3. No one winning the episode, because the first 6 contestants booted so fast that the remaining Runners ended up being pressurized wrecks.

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