Cha$e: Twins In The City

Este es el último episodio de Cha$e y también como una celebración para completar mi Duolingo curso en espanol.

Translation: This is the final episode of Cha$e and also a celebration for completing my Duolingo course in Spanish.

Though my newly acquired knowledge stops here (since most of them are admittedly used Google Translator, though knowing how to read it is still a good sign that I have some knowledge of Spanish).

But anyway, the final episode of Cha$e, this episode consist of twins, being hunted around in the city.

No mixed gender twins? Bummer


2 groups of 5, twins set apart by a wall. Know that the other twin is thinking by matching the same set of pictures in 5 minutes. Completing the mission will earn both twins a Freeze Ray.

* A extremely luck based challenge with a long period of waiting time, not something that I like.

Yeah, bringing twins together in the show, with an addition of the format that’s makes Runners feel better about allying each other in the earlier periods of time, To add in the predictability, Canada started to ally with California (yeah, choose to label twins by name to not waste time writing their names, especially when they are twins).

Lol at Minnesota not recognizing what a Hunter looks like, a Hunter looks like a human is in a suit wearing sunglasses. Most of all, they look weird in a normal surrounding.


In 3 minutes, find another runner and bump their phone to activate a code to unlock Invisibility Glasses.

* With the twin element being in this episode and not having any restrictions that twins can’t help each other, it’s just like walking for 2 seconds.

With North Carolina talked about saving energy before running, the 4th Hunter is released. Kinda funny how North Carolina called them twins despite the theme being twins.

Even with Hawaii trying to stay out from the group, all the twins just keep going back into the same pack due to the Hunters.

After Minnesota panicked usage of their gadgets (With Anne 22 using both of her gadgets and then panicked over Hunter Scott arrival despite still having their Invisibility Glasses on, which separates them) The first clue is revealed: Ain’t life grand, it would be even better with 25k.

For the bail out round, Anne 22 who teamed up with Canada for a while beat out Hawaii in getting the 2k, leaving Kate 22 all by herself.


In 10 minutes, go to one of the 2 locations, play a ring maze where if your ring touch the metal it will alarm the Hunters of your location. Finishing earns you a Deflector

* Definitely a hard challenge and give Runners a sense of danger, though I will be like North Carolina regarding this mission, since alarms in this series is usually useless for the Hunters.

And it’s kinda impressive with 9 Runners still surviving the game, despite the difficulty drop in this episode.

Nice move to avoid capture from Hunter Icey without using your gadgets California, too bad that Hunter Vazquez arrival forced you to use your Freeze Ray.

Twist: Half of the game board is unavailable, everybody must leave those areas for 3 minutes.

And with all the gadget usage and running around. The victim of the twist is…twins from North Carolina, disqualified in the $18510 mark due to traffic lights stopped them long enough.

Now the exit point is revealed: Perishing Square (the place where the runners started, first Runner runs through the tape wins.

And with the final chase, the winner is…

Lisa 25 from Hawaii, who told in front of all the other players that she’s going to use the money to have a vacation with Lauren 25.

With Lisa 25 joining up a tacky ride with the host Trey Farley, the show has come to an end…for good.

Runners Caught: 0, all the teamwork helps

Favorite Challenge: Ring Maze

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