Amazing Race China Rush 3: Shanxi

Here I go, after chains of recapping competitive reality shows, it’s time for me to finally to start a recap page about the show that originally started my blog, Amazing Race.

Unfortunately, I would recap this season first since I’m the most familiar in all the 3 China Rush seasons, 1st season is a little bit separated and the 2nd…is kinda invisible for YouTube.

But anyway, let’s get started to see teams travel around China, experience new culture, and most of all…win a trip around the world? (That’s not a nice sounding finale prize.)

Finally, it is hosted by Allan Wu.

Let’s us introduce the 11 teams that will be arriving to The Bund, Shanghai. The starting point for the teams in a race around China:

Ryan & Charlie (Team Harvard): They went to Harvard.

Christine & Steven (Team Models): Steven is going for army service, and Christine plays the “I’m stronger than I look” card.

Rob & Jia Jia (Team Anilovers): Jia Jia wanted to prove that fat people can be strong racers. Rob disagrees since he more buffed than fat.

Janelle & Karin (Team Socialites): Other than Janelle being called the Asian Paris Hilton by Karin, next.

Lieu Weiwei & Lei Sheng (Team Trainers): Lei Sheng is Lieu Weiwei mentor in the army, and Lieu Weiwei wanted to us this opportunity to enhance his character and not increase his business capital.

Li Yang & Zhang Yelin (Team Dating): Met in a university and know each other for around at least 7 years. Not approved by their families on their relationship.

Brandon & Nick (Team Neighbors): Met when Nick realize that Brandon don’t speak Chinese. and I admittedly confused on how Nick called Brandon’s name.

Khai Shing & Khai Sheng (Team Twins): They did a folk dance.

Yu Ping & Yu Chenjing (Team Family): They are here to bond with each other.

Henry & Jennifer (Team Newlyweds): Jennifer once had brain tumor.

Xiao Bing & Xiao Bang (Team Cousins): China’s Got Talent Finalists, and (at that time) BBQ salesmen  performers. The harsh reality of 15 minutes of fame.

Allan Wu: Good news, the first team to arrive in this first leg will win the Express Pass.

Teams: Yay!

Allan Wu: Bad news, the last team that fail our very first task of this season will be eliminated before they even start to race around China.

Teams:…(That’s bullocks!)

Starting line elimination, I hated it for not letting everybody to travel around the world.

Challenge (The Bund, Shanghai)

In around hundreds of flags with Chinese words that are now obsolete since the Qing dynasty, find 1 flag that means the term “one”. (Luck)

First 5 teams to finish goes to the first bus, last 5 teams goes to the last bus, which had a disadvantage of 45 minutes. The team that didn’t get the flag is immediately eliminated.

* A cultural task, but the elimination task definitely soured it.

* After all the chaos, the eliminated team is…Team Anilovers, and a distraught Jia Jia wanted Rob to promise her to run a hypothetical All-Star version of China Rush 10 years later.

Unfortunately, that promise doesn’t include that China Rush will by surviving for another 10 years.

* Teams in the 1st bus: Team Trainers, Team Models, Team Cousins, Tram Socialites and Team Newlyweds

Team in the 2nd bus: Team Harvard, Team Dating, Team Family, Team Neighbors and Team Twins

In 16 hours in a freaking bus and 1103 kilometers later, teams will arrive at the birthplace of the “Kang Xi” Dictionary, Yangcheng, Shanxi.

Challenge (Huang Cheng-House Of The Chancellor, Yangcheng)

Search the entrance for the first clue, then follow the lanterns to reach a puzzle area, where teams had to search around to find 1 part of the dragon puzzle, carry it back to the puzzle area to receive the next clue. (Luck, Physical)

* The search part will be irrelevant once 1 team found it. While  the dragon task is fun, just more akin to bringing things than solving a puzzle.

* Though LOL at Team Family moving the dragon parts that has already placed in the puzzle area.

* How long the penalty is if the dragon part is broken, I wonder?

Challenge (ShangZhuang Village, Yangcheng)

Dressed up to take part in a Han Boat Folk Dance, which is more akin to bringing a decorated boat to a set area to get the next clue (Physical)

* Row, row, row your boat, to get to Allan Wu.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, a trip around China.

* After the task, Team Socialites (who is currently in the lead) wondered about Team Newlyweds competitive nature, which brings to Jennifer fuming about helping them and not having time to calm down (which they do, in a cab).

* And then Team Socialites met Team Trainers from their cab, which Leisheng (Trainers) mused about them being rude for saying, things that Leisheng didn’t answer. It also brings both teams another question: Where’s Henry & Jennifer?

Roadblock (Manghe Scenic Area, Yangcheng)

Assemble a bamboo swing (Skill)

* One of the crazier part of this task is that despite how unassuming it is, it ended up making a lot to place shifting. Take for instance, Team Family, who aside from getting a great taxi driver, Yuping skills at the bamboo swing makes them 2nd. And another instance with Team Socialites, who ended up in 6th despite being in the lead group for the 1st half of this leg.

Prize (Drinking Horse Spring, Yangcheng)

Express Pass, 2 round trip tickets to Bali, Indonesia

* Apparently, this is the first time where Team Trainers are going abroad, good for them.

* And after all these, Team Newlyweds, leading for most of this leg, ended up choking in this Roadblock and ended up in last. Fortunately, this is a non-elimination leg, because having 2 teams eliminated right from the start is begging for more non-elimination legs.

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