Cha$e: Final Thoughts + My Idea To Ace Cha$e

What I thought about this show in a private manner, since nobody cares to focus on this recap before I finished writing this thought book.

Favorite Episode:

The Botanical Gardens-A good (though predictable) storyline, 3 above average challenges, and a great finish

Favorite Challenge:

Photo Challenge (Botanical Gardens)- For being difficult and risky for the Runners

Favorite Location:

The Theme Park- The only night stage of this series, and the Hunter are more intimidating than usual.

Favorite Weapon:

Deflector- Tossup, but I like it more since this item is the most probable of using offensively.

My Guide of Winning Cha$e

General Rule: Don’t let your nerves get to you.

1. Learn how to run, quickly and in a long period. Look at Tyler 22 (The Botanical Gardens), his speed manages to get him away from Hunters from time to time.

2. Despite Davey 24 (Warehouse District) think that this is stupid, having alliances (or at least walk in groups) is really a good idea. Alliances can save a usage for your limited gadgets, save time in challenges that require 2 people to meet each other and throw them under the bus to be caught by the Hunters.

3. Compete in challenges, at least challenges that can bring you penalty for failing (like the alarm, despite how useless it was for a signal). Since gadgets are really important to keep you alive for another 10 minutes.

4. If you want to hide, hide in places where you have options to sprint towards to at least 3 areas, since even when the Hunters had to ignore the cameraman following them, staying in places with limited movement don’t bring benefits especially for running to the finish line.

5. Use your gadgets wisely, especially when they are limited. Sure, maybe the Invisibility Glasses is kinda uncomfortable to wear, but please don’t take it off after you get off from 1 Hunter.

6. Know how to use the phone quickly, especially when you needed to unite with other players, or bail out to get money.

7. Follow the exit clues, they are generic, but they are vital into getting a head start to the finish line. Or at least make you close enough to reach the exit point on time, unless you want to be like Haben 30 in the Theme Park and lose an additional 10K earnings.

8. Follow the winning condition, a push on the gate (Botanical Gardens) and a flag grab from a shark belly (Studio Backlot) is a $25000 mistake if you don’t follow through.

And that’s it, the Cha$e is over.

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