Amazing Race China Rush 3: HeiLongJiang

Supacoowacky, of you are reading this. Please don’t be mad at me for copying the Countries Visited road line, so I linked everybody to your blog.

By the way, please post that Adam & Bethany comment of mine to Twitter please. Provinces in China Visited:

Shanxi-Heilongjiang-Jilin-Zhejiang(1,2)-Anhui-Jiangsu-Taiwan-Guizhou-Yunnan(1,2)- Sichuan. *Though technically Taiwan is not a China province.

* Heilongjiang, the diplomatic border between Russia & China, mixing the culture between Russian & Chinese. So producers saved their money for not going to actual Russia and forces teams to exchange for Ruble, yay for them.

* Equalized with a bus ride, Jennifer (Team Newlyweds) mentioned that her mother had just passed away, though they will continue the race.

* Liu Weiwei (or Leisheng) (Team Trainers) says that it’s his first time being on the airplane. While Team Neighbors is willing to become the villains to win, they prep 10 months for this.

Route Info (Suifenhe Railway Station, Suifenhe)

Find a female Russian painter to get a painting which shows them their clue.

* That’s a neat twist of finding the station at the first place, with teams just accidentally wasting their money when the station is not that far behind. Though the actual painter is not really that hard to find.

Route Info (Sino-Russian Culture and Arts Exhibition Hall, Suifenhe)

Search this place find 10 dolls that matches the chosen matryoshka doll of your choice to make a set (Mental)

* Team Harvard: We’ve graduated from Harvard. (While ignoring the instructions that they had to walk to the next location, they took a cab)

* Fun challenge, wish it would be more visually appealing, Russian dolls, focus it more.

* Team Newlyweds: We walked into a nice guy who gives us directions, and once we are there, um…

Producers: Hey, let's remind everybody that we are doing an Amazing Race season, and tell them that this is sucked in this race. Thanks YouTube and tarchinarush.
Producers: Hey, let’s remind everybody that we are doing an Amazing Race season, and tell them that this is sucked in this race.
Thanks YouTube and tarchinarush.

…at least they aren’t cheap.

Speed Bump (Beihai Park, Suifenhe)

Break a block of ice to get the clue, using ice picks.

* That’s not worth a mention, except for Henry injured his hand.

Detour (Zhuangsen Village, Suifenhe)

Log It

Chop wood to build a 15 level piles in 4. (Physical)

Slog It 

Using a parabolic microphone, search for a singing tree, and dig through that ares to receive the next clue. (Mental)

* I would choose Slog It, since it would be fun to master the microphone and hear the music.

* Those axes, the producers should have pay them new ones, especially with the crowd watching (see them, they are everywhere last episode, even if it involves them chopping wood).

* Team Harvard: (After they broke the ax) We feel bad, so we will pay it for him after we won the race. (Though seriously, how they can pay back for the ax when even the grand prize is not money?)

* Team Twins: We love music, after chopping wood before we realize that it is too hard for us physically.

* Brandon (Team Neighbors): I like Team Models, because they are hot, both the girl and the guy, both of them are hot even at their most covered, they still looked hot.

* Still, who knew that chopping wood turned out to be quite fun with foreigners around.

* Oh, the music from Slog It:

Roadblock (605 Barracks, Suifenhe)

Dressed up as an army, perform…making beds that sets the military standard. (Skill)

* That sounds boring (which even the teams admitted that it might be more about shooting or archery), let them do a military drill, producers.

* Though, why is everybody allowed to talk with each other about the procedure of this Roadblock?

* Team Trainers: Despite being the 2nd leg, I miss Allan Wu very much, since he provides safety, rest and food.

Pit Stop (Suifenhe National Gate, Suifenhe)

Prize: Two round trip tickets to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

* Imagine that Team Twins won this leg instead, since they are from Malaysia.

* Allan Wu: Team Harvard, you fail to read simple clues, 30 minute detention for you guys, potentially that will drop out, from this race altogether. (Which dropped them to 5th).

* Yu Ping (Team Family) apparently twisted his ankle when running from the mountain. Which bodes badly for their racing career.

* Team Neighbors (Nick to Brendon): (Still doing the bed task while fighting to avoid last) Look, you don’t listen to the instructions, you don’t respect the officers, so stop and we can still (the officers passed Team Socialites)…Um…let’s just hope that the girls don’t know how to hire a good taxi.

* And after a taxi battle, the last team is…Team Neighbors, who studied this game for 10 months, who is willing to badmouth everybody and become villains, and Brendon who is willing to kiss Allan Wu in his lips (seriously though, why is Allan so irresistible this episode, and by men no less), are officially eliminated from the race, in an army based challenge, by a team that is considered party animals.

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