Amazing Race China Rush 3: Jilin

Provinces Visited, bold is today’s episode:


This episode, the producers wants the teams to pretend that they are racing around Korea. North or South? Who cares, Jilin is now their 60th year anniversary of becoming their border.

Plus there are 3 buses that will be leaving at different times.

First Bus: Team Trainers, Team Cousins, Team Models

Second Bus: Team Dating, Team Harvard, Team Twins

Last Bus: Team Family, Team Newlyweds, Team Socialites (That’s odd, shouldn’t Team Family depart later than Team Newlyweds?)

Route Info (Gongyuan Primary School, Yanji)

Translate the Korean sentence in their clue, that take their way to the primary school and search for a specific student by checking their ID. The student will take them to an area where they must dress up in Korean outfits to practice and perform Korean etiquettes correctly to receive their next clue. Perform incorrectly, 10 minute penalty before trying again.  (Mental)

* A decent cultural task, though the judging is quite lax (since it’s judges by kids).

* Team Socialites: (Still running for the location) [Karin]F-U for not stopping…Sorry (Then Janelle fell down)U ok? Please stop laughing.

* Team Models: [Christine] Fast Forward! We are first, so. [Steven]No, if we can’t finish it, we are going to waste time.

Team Twins: Not going to do the Fast Forward

Team Trainers: We have taken too much time searching for the children.

Team Harvard: Let’s stay with the pack.

Team Dating, Team Twins, Team Newlyweds: OF course not.

If you are wondering why I expanded the Fast Forward section?

Team Socialites: [Janelle]Look, this is a Fast Forward, if we finish it we can finish the day very easily. Being with kids is very tiring.

Team Family: [YuPIng} Look my ankle is sprained, so let’s do the Fast Forward.

The last 2 teams, that finished this task, went for the Fast Forward, which is unless you’re competing in US Seasons before 5, it’s utterly illogical. Lucky for both of the teams.

Fast Forward (Tungsun Biotechnology Company, Yanji)

Search though a million ginseng pieces to find 1 irregular ginseng. (Luck)

* Luck tasks are quite a b-, and this is no exception. Luckily for Team Socialites, Team Family ended up having a driver that is not familiar to the suburbs (Which YuPing somehow comments that all of them are dumb).

So without any competition, Team Socialites easily became first to the

Pit Stop (Yanji International Exhibition Art Center, Yanji)

And won 2 round trip tickets to South Korea to fill up their emptiness in not fully experiencing Korean culture. The setting is rather nice to look at.

Detour (Korean Folk Culture Village, Yanji)

Pot Luck

Transport a pot of cabbage on top of their head back and forth, 1 for each. (Skill)

Pot Belly

Eat 1.2kg of kimchi, failure to do so grants you a 20 minute penalty. (Guts)

* What I would choose, Pot Luck, I’m very bad at consuming spicy food except for curry.

* Team Dating: (Seeing all 5 teams eating kimchi) WTF, how did any of you not compete for the Fast Forward?

* Both tasks are really difficult, Pot Luck for the awful combination of balance and strong wind (which makes most of the teams switch to the other task reluctantly). Pot Belly for of the awful combination of amount, spiciness, and time penalty.

* When Zhang Yelin (Team Dating) plays his guitar to soothe Li Yang feelings:

Li Yang: Aww

Other Teams and The Viewers: Aww, your music makes us temporarily forget the spiciness of the food.

Musicians at the Detour: Yawn, those teams just took a damn long time. Oh, we should continue.

* And it’s ridiculous when Team Models just stayed there for 2 hours eating kimchi, 20 minutes penalty takes less time than this.

Route Info (Jindalai Square, Yanji)

Work together to swing high enough to reach 3m in 3 tries, failure to do so grants a 10 minute penalty before trying again

* Okay challenge

* Oh, teams also went to a cold noodle restaurant as a Route Info before going to the Pit Stop, but since this place serves no purpose other than maybe scaring people to think that they have to eat noodles, I’ll just ignore it. (But kinda wish that it would be the Roadblock of everybody eating or preparing cold noodles.)

* And so, with all the running, the eliminated team is…Team Family, goodbye.

Favorite Challenge: The Kimchi Eating Detour, seeing teams slightly freaked out at teams not doing the Fast Forward and Zhang Yelin comforting Li Yang with guitar is fun. That said, I’m still not actively trying to take kimchi.

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