Amazing Race China Rush 3: Zhejiang Part 1

Sorry for the really late update, just kinda tired of writing a blog post, maybe I should try to change another subject after this recap is done.

By the way, if you are not reading my recap, just please watch the show, even it is from China, there are English subtitles.

Provinces Visited:

Shanxi-Heilongjiang-Jilin-Zhejiang (1,2)-Anhui-Jiangsu-Taiwan-Guizhou-Yunnan(1,2)-Sichuan

Janelle, Team Socialites: We come first once, we can do it again.

Karin, Team Socialites: What do you mean? The person who came first once is the team that you insulted.

Janelle: Um…we got first in the previous leg, and I just only said that they are-

Route Info (From Yanji to Shanghai)

* Choosing between a taxi or a train, teams make themselves to Beiyuan Muchang Park and to get the best turn order to start the race the next day.

* Turns out that, the better way of going there is to take a cab over taking a train, even if it meant draining your cash more (though I don’t see teams getting a set cash amount for this season to drop them to temporary poverty). And hooray for participating in the show as an excuse to avoid cab queues (especially Team Harvard, to pretended to limped their way).

The Next Day, searching for the next clue in Water Pavilion, Beiyuan Muchang Park…

Team Twins: Sorry for interrupting for photo-shoot

Intersection (Pinghu High School, Pinghu)

As a tribute to Jeremy Lin. In 6 minutes, teams must score a basket in 4 designated areas, failure to do so net a 10 minute penalty. (Skill)

* A strange stereotyping that Americans are good at basketball, and a ball harming Karin’s finger being anything remotely exciting (By the way, I somehow cannot identify who’s Janelle and Karin, sorry ladies). Other than that, meh.

Route Info (Maji Village, Pinghu)

Construct a scarecrow and transport it to a farmer. (Mental)

* Besides looking at a cool hay dragon, Team Harvard decided to steal Team Cousins cab, this challenge blows in entertainment.

* Well, except for Team Socialites taking a small vehicle to get a cab and Zhang Yelin (Team Dating) being compared to a random fat guy in a cooking tv show.

(By the way, teams then had to find a girl in the Mo Family Mansion to proceed to the Detour, which except for Team Trainers arguing about clues and dead ends, it’s boring)


Show Down (Pinghu Folk Culture Museum, Pinghu)

Defeat experienced players in watermelon chess. (Mental)

Chow Down (Meiyangtang Restaurant, Pinghu)

Crack 5 eggs to the chef standards, and had to eat 1 Pinghu fermented egg each. (Guts)

Allan Wu: Failure to do so will crack under the pressure.

* I would have choose Show Down, since unless your name is Zhang Yelin, everybody considered it worse than Chinese traditional medicine, with Karin outright telling the chef that she hated it.

Roadblock (Shutong Elementary School, Pinghu)

After a Korean manner school, and a basketball club, now we are in a music school. A member has to learn a famous Pipa song using a pipa to proceed, and perform to impress a teacher’s pet to advance (Skill)

* Except the really tense confrontation between Team Trainers…the pipa sounds nice.

Pitstop (Nine Peaks Pagoda, Pinghu)

Prize: 2 round trip tickets to Boracay, Philippines

Won by Team Harvard, despite stealing a cab and another cab dropping them to another place.

And the last place…

Girls at the Shutong Elementary School: OMG, he going to the perform, we can go home now…and see that overachiever’s ears bleeds from his voodoo hand marks.

He finishes the performance and advance to the pitstop.

Girls:…At least we can go home.

At the Pit Stop

Allan Wu: Team Newlyweds, after going to a train trip to a wrong bus, sitting 2 hours to the park, sitting 45 minutes in an uninformed cab driver, draw some voodoo marks in your hands…you are still in the race.

Team Newlyweds: Turns out that learning voodoo is kinda useful.

* And what a bland episode this is.

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