Amazing Race China Rush 3: Zhejiang Part 2

Provinces Visited


Route Info (XInshi Ancient Town, Deqing County)

Row your boat to a set location while carrying a lamb, if the lamb decided to go for a swim, try again with a new lamb. (Physical)

P.S; Put the plastic that’s covering the clue to your pockets, and pray for the lamb when it decided to drown itself.

* Actually the clue that leads to the sheep (where finding the place alone and searching for the clue that is hanging from the vines) provides the same amount of entertainment as sheep jumping into the water. Strong task.

* Oh, and another bickering from Team Trainers about Lei Sheng talking about the way they row the boat, even after that task is over.

Speed Bump

Team Newlyweds must eat 1.5kg of river snails. (Guts)

* You’re full? Next.

Detour (Le Passage Mohkan Shan, Moganshan)

After retrieving a clue from a swimming pool near a French hotel. Teams must do a Detour that connects with bamboo.

Head Up

Search for a bamboo that contains the clue, then borrow the ax to cut down the bamboo. (Luck)

Head Down

Transport 12 bamboo poles to a marked area (Physical)

* If I am willing to wear glasses, I will easily choose Head Up hands down, since transporting really long bamboos is kinda tiring and long. And it hurts backs (Ryan) and asses (Khai Shing).

Roadblock (Yaowu Reservoir, Moganshan)

Learn scuba diving, and retrieve a knife. (Guts)

* Despite Team Cousins having some problem with the knee and impersonating Micheal Jackson with Karin, next.

Route Info (Jiangshi Scenic Area, Moghanshan)

Grind the sword with a grindstone until it reveal words, which the clue will be given by people in Japanese costume.

* At least this task is rare, and taking the stairs is also physically taxing.

Pitstop (YIn Shan Street Market, Moghanshan)

Prize: 2 round trip tickets to Phuket, Thailand

And this, is a non-elimination Pitstop, in a row.

Nothing much to say, except to the next episode.

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