Amazing Race China Rush 3: Anhui

Provinces Visited:


Teams: …Mountains!?

Team Socialites: …Do you know the way?

Speed Bump (Five Bridges Entrance, Huangshan City)

Team Dating must transport 10 kg of city to a set location with traditional baskets. (Physical)

Route Info (Luo Family Temple, Huangshan City)

Arriving there on foot, count the number of characters on the walls of the hallway(Mental)

* For the first task in this leg, it is rather tricky, especially with another sign contains the words that teams wouldn’t notice at first.


Food Stall (Tunxi Old Street, Huangshan CIty)

Prepare and sell Hairy Tofu until earning 100 yuan.

Performance Hall (Tunxi Hot Dishes Restaurant, Huangshan City)

Watch, learn and later perform a standard Kunqu opera moves. (Skill)

* There is a trend of this season where teams are talking about the Westerner aspect, with Team Models and Team Dating talked about Westerners having a disadvantage being in China.

* For me I would do Performance Hall, though both of them has it difficulties, I just didn’t want to make people get food poisoning.

* Oh and notice the harsh sound when Team Cousins didn’t drop their bags at an area, this will be important later.

* And what bull- when there is a equalizer at this part of this leg.

The Next Day at 6 a.m., teams depart according to the placement where they finish the Detour.

Team Socialites: Let’s hope that Team Newlyweds get themselves lost again.

Roadblock (Jiulong Waterfall, Huangshan)

Teams make their way up the mountain path to a marked area, then one team member must rappel down the waterfall and swim to collect the next clue (Guts, Physical)

* After this challenge, teams must make their way to another location without doing anything. Seriously what’s with this leg: Equalizer not placed at the beginning? Going to places without doing anything (which for me as a viewer, would considered it boring and costs unnecessary money)? And this

Pitstop (Ancient Stone Mural, Huangshan)

Prize: Trip to Brunei and 2 night stay at Dalian Hilton Hotel

Allan Wu; Team Cousins, you are team number 2

Team Cousins: It’s okay, at least we came back from last leg.

Allan Wu: Unfortunately, you have still not risen from the ashes, as you didn’t put the bags at the Detour location, so now, you will have a 30 minute penalty before you miracle can still happen.

Team Cousins (and me thinking): WTF

The penalty, which is extremely harsh even by the race standards, is also about something extremely unconsequential, no wonder that viewers got extremely mad about it.

And since the equalizer for this leg enable all teams (which includes an extremely lagging behind Team Socialites before the equalizer) to catch up to each other, doing a relatively straight forward task, every other team is able to catch up despite the fact that 2 teams are penalized for not paying the cab.

Thus, we say goodbye to Team Cousins, beaten by Team Newlyweds with 5 minutes left of serving their penalty.

Not a good display.

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