Flash Games: Sentry Knight

It’s been a long time since I posted and reviewed a Flash Game, due to the fact that I got a new computer.

But unfortunately, this computer has a rather low frame rate, whenever I tried to surf the web in this computer, it got really laggy in moving from pages to pages. At least I can watch YouTube videos without any worries.

And this is the first of the games that I’m able to play without lagging rather severely.


You are a spellcasting archer that is assigned to beat a boss, as a salvation for making a pact with the gargoyle clan.


This is a tower defense game, that you’re the tower to defend monsters. Use mouse to aim targets, and use spells with hot keys 1-5. For me, auto fire is a must since I can’t shoot arrows manually, at all.

8 worlds, 5 waves each, where the boss will arrive at the end of the world that’s on the even number (or just see nighttime, there is the boss). Upon completing each world, there is a potential of 3 stars to be earned upon the requirements such as: finishing the stage, making sure that the health doesn’t reach below 20% (and since the developers has high expectations in their bosses and monsters, the requirement gets lower).

And then there is the Talent Tree, where upon leveling up, you can either create a wall of fire, rain hail or summon gargoyles, improve the side effects of burning, freezing or poisoning people, or simply improve your arrow damage, speed and critical rate.

And there’s a merchant that can improve your fighting ability by giving him money.

Finally, there’s an endless mode for beating the game, to test your endurance in this game. (Or if you’re from Kongregate, for a 15 minute long badge).

My Thoughts On This Game

1. Spells are way stronger than arrows, even the fact that I tried to improve the fire rate of the arrows I still think that spells just gets things done quicker, especially when you min max your way through the worlds (which I did, as a spellcaster)

2. Spiders are 1 tier below true bosses in terms of being threatening, spells will never work on them.

3. Still, most of the spells I use are: 1st tier demon magic (area attack, brutal towards mooks with the plague side effect), 2nd tier fire magic (though I don’t like the size of area), 3rd tier ice magic (randomly rain hail in everywhere for 8 seconds, fun to watch, especially if they freeze) and the 4th tier demon magic (with another side upgrade, the gargoyle can casts 9 bombs of aid us)

4. The waves are utterly long, especially in the later areas.

And that’s all I have to say about this game, so check it out.


Thanks to:

swartag, JWolfGames and Tyler NG, developers of this flash game.

And goodbye.

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