The Cha$e: The Theme Park

Welcome to a theme park, where beauties that came out from luxurious cars, and brains that came by foot to meet each other. Unsurprisingly, they are not on a blind date, they are here to play a large scale hide, and seek. In nighttime no less. Challenge With some uses of tools (Hammers, Ice … Continue reading The Cha$e: The Theme Park

Cha$e: The Warehouse District

This episode game, is placed in a city, which means that everyone (Runners And Hunters) obey they traffic rules. So let's cut to the Cha$e. Challenge In 5 minutes, unlock the door with¬†assembling pieces of gears. Group effort. 1st Hunter, Vazquez released in the 4th minute. * The challenge is a vast improvement from … Continue reading Cha$e: The Warehouse District