Cha$e: Twins In The City

Este es el último episodio de Cha$e y también como una celebración para completar mi Duolingo curso en espanol.

Translation: This is the final episode of Cha$e and also a celebration for completing my Duolingo course in Spanish.

Though my newly acquired knowledge stops here (since most of them are admittedly used Google Translator, though knowing how to read it is still a good sign that I have some knowledge of Spanish).

But anyway, the final episode of Cha$e, this episode consist of twins, being hunted around in the city.

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Cha$e: Botanical Gardens

This is the episode that I watched before deciding to recap this show. Reason how I find it?

Tyra Banks “Modelville”, featuring models that needed an additional paycheck to live and still needed a push to become international supermodels.

(By the way, I still haven’t watch a full episode of Modelville yet, not even the first episode).

But that’s no the show I’m recapping right now, Cha$e is, and the game is starting, right now.

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