Amazing Race China Rush 3: Jiangsu

Some part of me is trying to stay away from this blog (or this laptop) for some time, and rest away my worries and discouragement of the low number that I’m receiving. But still, it has to go on right?

I would be an unmotivated mess if I don’t finish this.

And it is now halfway.

Roadblock (Hilton Nanjing Riverside, Nanjing)

See the signature dish, choose ingredients, prepare it properly. (Skill+Mental)

* A cooking challenge that makes everybody stress out, which is a rare thing (in rare that there’s a cooking challenge in the Amazing Race, at all). Though the staff should have change the menu after showing even ordinary people can finish a signature dish, for HIlton Hotels.

* By the way, so strange where Liu Weiwei (Trainers) are at the Roadblock location in a moment where they should be stuck finding the actual Hilton Hotel.

Detour (China Railway Baoji Bridge Group, Nanjing)

Screw This

Use screws to properly secure 87 sections of a high-speed railway track. (Physical)

Scrap That

Load scrap metal into bins and transport them across the large warehouse to a dumping site. After making six trips each, teams would receive their next clue. (Physical)

* For me I would do Screw This, since it is less physical than Scrap That, by the way, Screw This as a task is kinda awesome.

* And everybody (like Dating, Harvard, Twins and Trainers) is really amping up their anger level in this episode, Killer Fatigue is looming…

* Team Trainers, in a bad luck with finding the right Hilton Hotel and struggling in the cooking task, used their Express Pass and jumped back to 3rd (behind Twins, and Socialites, which is impressive for them)

Yield (Zifeng Tower, 72 Floor, Nanjing)

Used by Team Dating towards Team Newlyweds, due to the combination of an alliance with Team Models (somehow) and a promise to Team Harvard (also with the fact that Team Harvard will try to Yield someone especially when they were in danger). And it prompted:

Team Dating sobbing and crying: We’re so sorry, at least it’s better getting brain cancer again.

Route Info (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing)

Strapped into a gravitational rotation device, which would spin them around a full 360 degrees. While spinning, they would be shown 10 images of different aircraft, and would then have to pick out these 10 crafts from a board containing 20 images. (Mental, Guts)

* That’s a good challenge, it would have thought that it will be harder.

Pitstop (Nanjing Olympic Sports Stadium, Nanjing)

Prize: Two trips to Mauritius and apparently a 2 night stay at HIlton Hotel.

And Allan, we already know why Team Dating Yielded Team Newlyweds, especially with Team Newlyweds is going to be last (and eventually eliminated) no matter what.

So…other than the cab stealing (and the barking towards Karin in the cooking Roadblock, which can be intercepted as stress), I don’t think Team Harvard is villainous as the page claims, since Team Models and Team Dating are kinda ruthless in their plotting as well.

So, next episode.

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