Amazing Race China Rush 3: Taiwan

Just a little quick experiment on quick recapping

Teams: Airport! We are going abroad. (Team Socialites: We wanna go to the moon).

Team Dating and Team Models: Let’s hope we can ally with each other.

Product placement for Eva Air, go to Taipei, Taiwan, and have a great day in the airplane.

Team Models: Taiwan Pride!

Ocean view. Badu Train Station, hang out, Shifen Train Station, stamp

Detour, Take Flight (Fly a sky lantern), Hang Tight (Hang 150 sky chimes), stamp means finished, sounds really difficult.

Team Harvard: Not confident in arts and crafts, let’s do Hang Tight.

Everyone else: Take Flight

Team Socialites: Confessional recap of why we are here.

Team Dating: We love each other, and we are first.


Train cover the track of Take Flight, waste time for Team Models (Taiwan 2012) and Team Trainers (Happy China)

Train will arrive at 12:15 p.m

Team Dating: Everybody will catch up.

Team Twins: Release, release, glue, glue

Team Harvard: We wish we win Amazing Race China Rush 3

Team Models: Cute doll

Train arrives, everybody enters, Detour wasted.

Feicui Bay, Roadblock, see your partner paragliding while you wait at the X spot, thinking about what have going right in the race.

Team Twins: Wedding shoot, sorry

Team Dating towards (especially) Team Trainers and Team Harvard: You just sent the wrong person to do the Roadblock

Team Models: (Christine: I’m scared of heights) Taxi!

Everybody who chose the Roadblock task, only to be realized that they are not doing the task:…Bummer.

Everybody who will be doing the task: Woohoo! (Christine: No….)

Route Info; Picture of a unique rock formation that is on Yehliu Geopark.

Fake Horseback Riding

Team Dating: Let’s distract everyone else that we have the clue.

Route Info: Take a ferry to Danshui Fishermen’s Wharf, must use 2 ports in Bali and Danshui.

(P.S: Now every team is calling Team Dating: Team Fiances?)

Rush hour, which ferry to go?

Team Dating?: Let’s distract them by going to another way…(Seeing all other cabs following them) Are they crazy?

Team Twins to their driver: Are we going to the right way? (Seeing the Fisherman’s Wharf) Maybe we should use the ferry there, to follow the rules. (Looking at how the ferries goes) Let’s take the penalty, it’s not worth it.

Everybody: We meet up at the Bail Dock…except for Team Twins.

Pitstop: Love Boat Plaza

Team Teams: 60 minute penalty

Everybody else: (Karin: Hello baby.) Look at the ocean…Look at the clue…Footrace!

Team Dating?: Team Number 1. Prize: To Uluru, Australia, 2 night stay at a random Hilton Hotel.

Team Twins: All the teams arrive before our penalty finishes. Goodbye, and let’s not fight on our way to Elimination Station, if there is an Elimination Station

* Favorite Detour Choice: Take Flight, though this Detour doesn’t matter in this leg.

* Amazingly, 50% (Harvard, Twins, Trainers) of the teams still didn’t learn to fully read the clue.

* The actions that Team Dating? pulled is as bad as Team Harvard, including the fact that they omitted that event that they have been already engaged.

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