Reality Tv Thoughts: Rival and Enemy.

For this sudden subject, let us start with the basic definition of the two nouns from the Free Dictionary.

Rival: One who attempts to equal or surpass another, or who pursues the same object as another.

Enemy: One feels hatred toward, intends injury to, or opposes another

This Literary Sentence sums it up the best:

It was, then, Richelieu’s object, not only to get rid of an enemy of France, but to avenge himself on a rival; but this vengeance must be grand and striking and worthy in every way of a man who held in his hand, as his weapon for combat, the forces of a kingdom.

– The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

So how do you compare what’s a rival and what’s an enemy in reality tv?

The two season of VH1 Scream Queens sums these up, like the 2 winners in both season.

Rival: Season 1

Tanedra, the winner who never have any film training, is able to garner respect from her competitors with the combination of her acting ability (with 3 challenge wins for the first 5 episodes) and being rather humble about it. In fact, when Tanedra started to stumble for the first time, Michelle is surprised that she is not actually golden in acting (still, it’s a plus for her since it means one less threat).

Most of the drama makers (Kylah, Lina and Sarah) are axed by the Top 5, leaving us with Michelle, who at most, didn’t consider Tanedra’s upbringing and race is a sensitive issue for Tanedra despite having 6 weeks of living with each other when they are participating in an Acting Class. And after that, she’s just either bragging in her confessions or focusing her eyes on her prize.

And the other 3, well, they either tried to focus on improving their acting ability to win, or…

Lindsay: “Sigh, Lindsay, you have your own sitcom as a teenager, get your act together and show every bitches that they are inferior. Especially Tanedra and Michelle, they are going to bury you if your confidence is fleeting.”

Angela: “This time, I am going to win at least a challenge, then a Leading Lady and then the Leading Lady for Saw, So please judges, acknowledge my growth and skill.”

Jessica: “Hello, do you have a pizza delivery? Gosh, when they will see the real me, and not me being accused of being crazy?”

Enemy: Season 2

This has a different story with Gabby, while she definitely can act well, the technicality of the challenges weakened her performances, and consequently the lack respect she achieved with her fellow competitors, which she took until Episode 6 to finally pulled her weight together and started being a real front runner in front of her competitors.

Most of the girls actually used for as a measuring stick of whether they performed better than Gabby, Jessica bitched about Homa that she’s given too many chances in Episode 7, and in my opinion, I think that Alison leaving before Gabby in Episode 4 is the only elimination in the Scream Queens series that broke lower than understandable in the my “reason of elimination” scale.

(Which says a lot about how the judges judge the competition, ANTM, learn from them.)

However, one competitor, Tai, in particular turned the lack of respect, into personal dislike towards Gabby, which eventually becomes mutual, and ended up coming to blows with each other about Tai being a bully towards Gabby & Gabby being an unprofessional actress, from the mouths of the two people themselves.

And that’s the post about rival and enemy in reality tv, do you have any further mentioning about my thoughts, or any notably rivalry or enemy in reality tv that you want to bring up at the comment section?

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