Amazing Race China Rush 3: Guizhou

A new recap is on it’s way.

Previously: Team Twins bickering, Yelin giving directions, Team Twins taking a penalty and eliminated.

Allan Wu: Taiwan is a place of mountains and rivers, and this pitstop is about love. Coincidentally, Team Dating? (since they are now newlyweds by others) arrive first, and depart first. This leg, they are going to Guiyang, where we celebrate Miao culture.

Team Dating? and Team Models: We will always be allied to each other.

Plane, Overnight Bus, Leishan Wooden Drum Square, Langde Village

Miao performers: More time to be in TV! And drink our liquor, it drowns you in a good day sleep.

Miao clue giver: I can climb up stairs that are made of knives, isn’t it awesome?


Catch It: A couple that is going to be wed: Please catch us 10 ducks from a pond, we need it for food preserves in the future. Also, tell your “friends” do the same thing (Physical)

Stack It: Miao workers: Stack our hays, our specialty is that we can make it vertically. (Physical)

(The way that Stack It makes teams look like they are in a pole dancing lesson)

The same couple that is going to be wed: Also, please tilt our roof for us, it’s…related to our culture,and that’s your next task after the U-Turn.

Team Harvard: Choosing the minority Detour is kinda nerve wracking, and losing by ducks, Quack.

Team Socialites: (Karin) Witch, prepared to be burned by hay. is our act done (Judge: No) Now (Not Yet) Please (Ok)

And the U-Turn…gone to waste.

Now, the Hu-Miao-nity service in tilting roofs (Skills+Physical), courtesy of Team Harvard

Team Socialites: Oh…my love (Team Harvard: You’re welcome for not U-Turning you)…They are so competitive to the point that they are no fun.

Team Socialites doing the tilting: (Janelle) Next load, ice cold beer. And a butt massage. Thanks dad for the tilting experience.

The couple that is going to be wed: Sorry that you can’t attend to our wedding, but I heard that there are brides that needed to be prepared for their big day. (Producers: Aha! Let’s make teams solve a puzzle first and then the dress up part, disguised as a Roadblock)

Team Trainers: (Leisheng) Yelin is such a snake, he is trying to check our picture despite the fact the the pictures are not the same.

Team Socialites: Team Harvard needs to take a chill pill, they are stressing us out.

Miao brides: By the way, after we slowly but surely put on our clothes, escort us to the elder’s house, to get you a drum and a new teddy bear that’s is somehow not a present for our future children.

Team Socialites: Thats’s not the way we are going? How, the road is narrow.

Team Harvard: Poor bride and her walking with us in huge accessories

Bronze Drum Centers…

Allan Wu: Congratulations Team Trainers, you have won a 6-day cruise on Costa Cruises Victoria cruiseliner departing from Shanghai to the Jiju Island, South Korea, then to Fukuoka, Japan and a two-night stay at the Nanjing Hilton Hotel. And become one of the 5 teams that see a Miao performance life.

Team Dating?: (Liyang to Yelin) No, please don’t let the foreign devils overtake us. (Gets ahead of them anyway)

Allan Wu: Team Socialites, you are the last team to arrive (Team Socialites: Yeah, we know)…However, this is a non-elimination leg

Next week: Team Harvard VS A bus, that’s all you need to know

* The Miao bride challenge will be one of my favorites in this season

* And the theme of this leg (wedding) is quite nice too.

* Does the teddy bear provides any purpose besides a souvenir?

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