Amazing Race China Rush 3: Yunnan Part 1

Previously: Team Harvard ducking over a U-Turn, Liyang hits her head from taxi boot doors, and Team Socialites had to face a Speed Bump.

Allan Wu: The first task of Dali, Yunnan, a great tourism location between mountains and the rivers, go to a gate and eat a local specialty called Rushan.

Team Models: With Team Dating?, we are going to try to kick out the foreigners first

Team Socialites: We’re kinda addicted of getting closer to the end, addiction as in addicted to alcohol, not snakes or cow blood

After the 20 hour ride…

Rushan sellers: God, this show didn’t give our delicacy justice. Even the Chinese people are so ridiculous, raw?

Clue: Worker as a farmer for a Dali experience, they help Chinese industry.

After most of the teams (except for Team Trainers who found a cab) walk to a highway…

Team Harvard: Cab! Cab! (Team Socialites: “PLEASE TAKE US! OUR STOMACH IS HURTING! “) Darn! If they are playing fair they should have let the cab to us like in New York.

(Well Team Harvard, you have a distance with that moving cab be hind, and you already once stole a stationery cab in Leg 4.)

Team Models and Team Dating? found and get on the bus. Team Harvard decide to risk their lives with the bus.

Team Harvard: Please let us n the bus.

Bus Driver: F** U foreigners, do you wanna die and make me a murderer on national TV?

Team Harvard: Just let us get in the bus.

Team M and D?: Just drive over them, we and the other passengers will stand by your side when you kill them, mostly because you’re Chinese

Team Harvard: Just let us…Ok there a cab, sorry. (After they get on the cab), Team M and D? they are so aggressive in their playstyle.(And then their cab turned out to be bad)Right now life sucks.

Team Socialites: Is your body well. Is your body well. Speed bump! It says that we must drink 2 pitchers of milk. Well…Cheers for our race, our friendship and Twitter being free.

After physical rounds of carrying carrots and shoveling poop…

Team Trainers: (Lieu WeiWei) Go to a studio center…And good job ladies, even my parter is starting to get his injuries back.

Everyone else: We hate poop!


Bride: Dress up a bride by finding accessories in all over the studio (Mental)

Ride: Dress up as jailer and criminal to a court to recite the crimes. (Physical +Mental)

(What an extremely unbalanced Detour, Bride looks too easy compared to Ride)

Roadblock: Assemble marble pieces into a square (Physical + Mental)

Task judge: And you will win a teddy bear.

Everyone except for Team Trainers: Recap of the taxi and bus drama.

Pitstop: Three Pagodas Plaza, Dali

Allan Wu: Team Trainers, you won a trip to Phuket, Thailand, and another stay at a hotel.

At the Roadblock…

Team Harvard: Let’s help Team Socialites because the other 2 have an alliance

Team Dating?: Let’s help Team Models because it’s a nice thing to do, and we have an alliance.

Then Team Harvard some money problems with the cab due to them losing it at the Roadblock location, to the point where they followed them until Team Dating helped them pay the cab.

Team Harvard: Well, all well ends well since they didn’t tell the bus driver to proceed without us

Allan Wu: Team Dating?, what’s it’s like to tell the bus to proceed without us?

Team Harvard: OMG, they are liars.

Allan Wu: Team Socialites, you are eliminated from the race.

Team Socialites: China is such a beautiful country, and to spend 10 legs there, even the bus rides are worth it.

Next time: Final 4, Final U-Turn.


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