Amazing Race China Rush 3: Yunnan Part 2

Previously: Top 5 go to Dali, taxi issues cause almost everybody to self legally bitch about someone else stealing cabs, telling the bus driver to lose some profit and wasting the bus time by blocking with your body. Team Harvard money problems caused them at other players’ mercy and Team Socialites ended up losing at a puzzle.

8:03 a.m

Team Trainers: (Seeing a butterfly inside the clue, and nothing else)…Butterfly Spring. [Lei Sheng] I hope that my physical shape is going to last me for at least this leg.

39 minutes later…

Team Dating?: Let’s hope that our racing progress, and our relationship will be stable or higher.

Team Models: We will Yield Team Harvard if we have a chance.

Team Harvard: We wanna race with Team Trainers at the finale.

Route Info: Inspired by film “Five Golden Flowers”, be romantic and catch 15 butterflies, in 3 types of 5 chosen butterflies

Butterflies: Why is there a lacrosse sportsman, or why are these freaks catching us violently?

Team Dating?: [Li Yang] (Grunt) Butterflies (Grrrh) Butterflies! [Zhang Yelin] They are just butterflies!

To the Next Route Marker…

Team Harvard: Being in a boat alone on the sea is so awesome

Team Dating?: Being in a boat alone on the sea is so awesome

Roadblock: Traverse up a mountain to rock climb, oh, and get medicine.

Team Harvard: Kids, please don’t follow us unless you know how to climb up mountains.

Team Trainers; [Lei Sheng] Heck, my body. And heck my Tv viewing experience did not kick in until it’s too late.

Team Dating?: Let go around the mountains to get out next clue.

Team Trainers:(After 2 failed attempts) [Lei Sheng] My wounds…let’s take the 2 hour penalty.

Team Dating?: (Meeting Team Trainers) Finally! (Then Team Trainers revealed that they have missed a clue)  Not again!


Tea: Watch a tea performance, taste and then identify 3 types of tea in an order for the next clue. Failing means repeating everything until getting it right

Seas: Get a cormorant to a lake by boat, exchange it for fish and exchange the fish the next clue. In short, it’s basically a roving task with a twist

Still at the Roadblock…

Team Dating?: (Back up to the Roadblock task) Finally! (Then Team Trainers revealed that everyone else have finished the task). Heck! (When Li Yang doing the Roadblock) [Zhang Yelin] Take your time, woman will have some difficulties in this kind of task.

Team Trainers: The lake view is nice.

After Team Harvard finished Seas, and Team Models finished Tea

Team Harvard, Team Models: Caution, U-Turn ahead.

Anti climatically

Team Harvard: We U-Turn Team Dating?, since they have an alliance with Team Models, they blocked us a bus ride, and we wanted to race with Team Trainers. By the way, where are they now?

Pitstop: Benzhu Plaza, by the way, bring a HIlton teddy bear along someplace.

Team Models: (Arriving at the U-Turn) WTH, why should they U-Turn our alliance mates who we will be going to break over a team that had won 5 legs? Strategy?

Allan Wu; Congratulations, Team Harvard of being in the finals, and going to Guam and a Hilton Hotel in Japan for being first in this leg

Team Trainers: Let’s hope that Yelin’s enemies (as in Team Harvard, and Team Trainers themselves) would target him at some point.

Team Dating?: (When doing Seas) [Li Yang] (Grunt) Cormorant! (Grrrh) Cormorant! [Yelin] They won’t bite, or fly away.

Allan Wu: Team Models, you are now in the finals. Too bad that your alliance mate is still in danger of elimination. But congratulations nonetheless.

Team Trainers: [Lei Sheng] Tea, now my belly is full of it.

Team Dating?: (Finishing their rowing, and Yelin used the woman as a crutch to get back in shore) [The women] You are disrespectful [Liyang] Sorry, I got freaked out by that cormorant. (Later arriving at the U-Turn) No! [Li Yang] (Grunt) U-Turn. (Grrrrrrrhhhhh) Harvard [Yelin] So what’s the most famous tea in here? [Li Yang] Just shut up and let the driver drive!

Team Trainers: (Seeing the U-Turn) [Liu Weiwei] Aside from Team Harvard saving us, what does the placement of the gadgets mean?

Pit Stop Greeter: Welcome to Dali, and good job on your effort that makes me tied up into this place for another 2 hours.

Allan Wu; And this means that you, Team Trainers are now in the finals.

Allan Wu: Team Dating?, too bad that your leg it’s cut short.

Team Dating?: Never mind, we reached our goals that will prepare us for the future. [Yelin] And one final thing, Li Yang, will you marry me even if I don’t have my ring? [Li Yang] Duh.

Pit Stop Greeter: (thoughts) So nice, I wish my lover would also do the same for me, racing around China…

Allan Wu (thoughts): For ratings that sore high above the sky, and shroud the secrets that lies buried the earth.

Next Episode: Finals, for a trip around the world (as in…no money? At all?)

* The homage for the film “Five Golden Flowers” in the first part is nice, even though I didn’t watch it (Hey, it’s 1958 and this is 2015)

* After a physically exhausting Roadblock, the Detour presented to us looks unbalanced, or at least underwhelming. Still, kinda curious at the way that the lady at Teas determined the result by seeing and smelling the drank tea.

* What up the with these teddy bears, Hilton, you already have hotels as product placements, just spare us those teddy bears, especially when they bring absolutely no value in the race. Geez product placement, you can cross over Love To Hate to Annoying.

* I kinda agree with Team Models that in a race to win, it’s better to kick out teams that you think had a strong chance to win if they are lagging behind you.

* The engagement between Team Dating? is nice, it just have a sense of fabrication when at least 2 teams (who are not even allied) to refer you as Team Fiancées.

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