Amazing Race China Rush 3: Sichuan

Previously: 11 teams raced around China, and after all of the effort that all the teams do a lot of stuffs in China alone, & the amount of time spent towards the finalists. We come down to the things that I cared about, the final leg (and it saves times for not watching the 5 minute long recap talking about stuffs that we have already know).

After 10 minutes of teams speaking about being happy in the finals, using public transportation, facing the equalizer, arriving at the final destination, Kunming, and more cabs,we arrive at the first task.

Roadblock: Match the previously eliminated teams in the countries where they are eliminated, and then perform a dragon dance as the tail to receive the next clue. Final Exam task already? (Mental+Physical+Skill)

(Fun challenge, the memory part that isn’t quite hard is complimented by the rather difficult dancing)

And yeah, cabs mostly dictate everything in the final leg.

Route Info: Climb up a chimney stack using a pulley system to get the clue.(Physical+Guts+Skill)

Side Note: Pulley system are always a good thing to include in a guts task, physical work actually matters

Route Info: Fina a panda in a research base, they are the China’s animal

Team Models: Revenge mode for Team Dating?

Team Harvard; After all that pulley climbing, being a panda seems nice, even the fact the we can’t really digest bamboo, or learn kungfu, or having sex

Team Trainers: Traffic jams…

Roadblock: Play the Hua Rong Path, in bigger wooden blocks, oh and the location is needed to be found in a huge place (Physical+Mental)

Good task, but OMG, why am I so bored with this leg, maybe because of the teams being strangely vanilla for this leg?

Finish Line: Jinsha Relics Museum, the place where people learn Chinese culture, and toady will be awarding a trip around the world to…

Allan Wu: Team Trainers, you both have won this season of the Amazing Race, and being the first Chinese and all male team to win this series. You have proven that Chinese and men power exist in this season. BTW, Lei Sheng, is you health jolt down to the ground, or preparing to strike again?

Team Trainers: We hope to we can be a better team if we have the chance to work again.

Team Models: We surpassed everybody’s expectations.

Team Harvard: Maybe we have U-Turn the wrong team, still Harvard will be proud of us.

Allan Wu: And the race is over, everyone please celebrate what’s is now our final season of this series, China Rush.

Team Anilovers: [Jia Jia] Yeah…Wait what? No All-Stars for us? N-

Final Thoughts will arrive soon.


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