Amazing Race China Rush 3: Final Thoughts

I think I would just make it quick, since I wouldn’t voluntarily watch it again.

* I like the challenges there, most of them are quite difficult to finish especially when you take on a full day bus ride.

* And there are themes that are unintentionally created with the episodes with I found interesting especially when they are competing in China alone. Like Russia in Heilongjiang, Korea in Jilin and Miao culture wedding in Guizhou.

* The themes, though…Team Socialites are a really great comic relief, and Team Dating is extremely complex as a character (stopping a team for getting up the bus with them, and then giving money when that said team had money issues, in the same leg?), just not really fleshed out as what we expected from them (being Star Crossed…despite might be actually engaged sometime around Taiwan).

But the other teams?

Sure, Team Harvard is quite competitive enough to steal a cab, but other times they are just there

Sure, Team Models sometimes talk smack about Team Harvard, but most of their storyline revolves around Team Dating? and being irrelevant.

Sure, Team Trainers can argue, and then win legs, and then avoid all the low key drama between the other teams.

Maybe the reason I feel the finale is so lackluster is because I didn’t care about the Final 3 and worse, the dynamics between the Final 3 that didn’t fleshed out in a engaging way.

* Team Cousins elimination could be dealt better, as in not having an overnight equalizer that gave at least Team Socialites a fighting chance.


Index coming right up soon, if you wanna navigate it easily.

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