Amazing Race China 2: Cast

Opps, I’m now late for the party.

But anyway (putting the Martha Stewart Apprentice on hold…), this is the cast of Amazing Race China 2.

First, here are the teams from left to right, and their popularity according to my limited viewpoint (mostly, if you are a celebrity from mainland China, or an athlete, I don’t know you, sorry).

Xiao Yang & Wang TaiLi (Team Chopsticks)- 

Known online as Chopstick Brothers in 2010 for producing the viral video “Old Boys

-They celebrated TaiLi birthday (which I know because Yang mentioned his name, and then I will forget it later on)

M: Nope, even though you guys are more focused on the Internet.

Deng ZiQi [G.E.M] & Zhang YunJing (Team Singers)-

Singers from Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively, YunJing is best known for winning the first season of Super Idol, and G.E.M (for Get Everybody Moving)…she has a high vocal range, and made it far for a Chinese born singer..

-They will call themselves Team Amazing (Sorry, their introduction segment is quite short)

M: Definitely, despite the fact that I rarely listen to their songs.

P.S: Will refer ZiQi as G.E.M from now on, since it’s her stage name.

Zeng ZhiWei & Zeng BaoYi (Team SUPER!)-

ZhiWei…he’s quite a legend in the Hong Kong industry best known for being the Prize Master (since he’s usually the Masters of Ceremonies, MC in Hong Kong television network, TVB events) and a host of Prize Master (which is nostalgic as a child watching their shows). BaoYi, or sometimes Bowie is a celebrity that is more focused in Taiwan

-They are obsessed with camo.

M: Really impressive, for both Zheng ZhiWei (he’s the oldest) and the producers (maybe they got Yelin to tell him that it is a great experience to bond with a daughter?). (Like Alexis Stewart) Kinda feel sorry for BaoYi though, it’s hard to get noticed with a father that famous. Heck, I will recognize Bowie’s mother (ZhiWei’s ex-wife, who Taiwan refers to as BaoMa) faster than her.

Yang QianHua & Ding ZhiGao (Team Married)-

QianHua is a really well known singer & actress in Hong Kong. Zhi Gao is a civilian.

-Both has differing viewpoints in racing, Qian Hua is seen to be the more domineering one (since she’s the one that has been on TV)

M: Amazing Race China, I salute you for bringing celebrities that people in Chinese speaking community recognize. Yang QianHua?!

Hang Geng & WeXin (Team Happy Junior)

Hang Geng best known as in a South Korean boyband Super Junior, and later Super Junior-M.  WeXin is known for co-hosting Happy Camp.

-WeXin need to finish her schedule before she will finally come to the airport.

M: “Sorry Sorry” hand washing dance anyone? And I watch We Xin’s Happy Camp in my childhood days.

Feng Zhe & Zhu Zhu (Team Dating Despite Already Referring Each Other As Husband And Wife)

Feng Zhe is known as an Olympian that specializes in parallel bars. ZhuZhu is a civilian

-They think that they have the advantage in eating challenges.

M: Olympics is not my focus area.

So that was it, the quality over quantity cast of Amazing Race China 2, and as a final note, here are two songs produced by the 2 contestants as a start for you to know them.


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