Amazing Race China 2: Sydney, Australia

Let’s start the journey, immediately from Australia

Though Before The Race Starts…

Remember when WuXin [Team Happy Junior] had to finish a job before going to the race, well the plane is delayed and forces Han Geng to wait for her even when the race officially started.

Though with a lot of running, WuXin still arrives anyway, but it might be sadistically interesting when she is really late.

But whatever, the contestants assembled, the host presents, and the first task is on.

Route Info: Flag Hunt (Watsons Bay)

First, teams have to grab a flag pull a sailing boat to the point where they are safe to be carried. Then with the help of the sailing boat that has a motor engine on it to enter a boat, search everywhere to get the next clue and money for taxi by finishing one random task on a boat (simply taking the clue from the wheel, lacing a lady’s corset to climbing up a mast) [Physical, Mental]

M: A lot of stuffs to do in this single challenge, which determines by whether you have the sharpest eyes, the sharpest drive to take the clue first, and common sense to read the clue & ask your driver to turn back to the boat before you are given the hardest task, like Team Chopsticks.

After navigating yourself with self driving, and won’t be using the said car again (which is good for Team Singers, since they are bad at using the GPS and nearly destroy the tires by letting the hand break on), they will now encounter their first

Detour: Slippery or Soft (Centennial Parklands)

Slippery: Inspired by the Chinchilla Melon Festival, one team member must surf in watermelon as shoes, while the other has to team up with a coach to lug the rope. Proceed to the next task when all of them successfully surfed for 40 meters. (Physical+Skill)

Soft: Catch, calm and cover 3 sheep head’s with cowboys hats. Proceed to the next task when all of the sheep remain calm for 3 seconds. (Physical+Luck)

M: For me I would choose Slippery, since Soft is just hard to finish quickly, taking a portion of the time to catch a sheep in the first place, and do it twice?!

Well Slippery is not an easy ride too, but teams can finish it in at least 2 tries by focusing on balance (like ZhiGao from Team Married Mentioned) than speed.

Unless you are Team Singers, who decided to quit after 47 tries, and G.E.M getting labeled as a food waster. (which people who participate in Australia, and the teams themselves participating, are not?)

Roadblock: Underwater Escape (Farm Cove)

1 team must trap themselves in a underwater cage. Escape by unravel 5 ropes and unlock the bottom of the cage with a key. (Guts+Mental)

M: Guts task, for me they are one of the worst type of task when they require 80% of preparation and 20% of actual execution and is usually the task after the pitstop, which leads to teams that are lagging behind having no chance to catch up.

While both of the statements are untrue in this task, when the fact that all of the teams require less than 5 minutes to finishes it states that, reduces it to at most thrice a season.

Unless the said team is Team Super!, who quickly decided to take the penalty since they don’t feel that ZhiWei is able to handle that pressure.

Route Info: Square Dance (Sydney Opera House)

Using the celebrities’ charisma to get seven passerby, practice, coach and perform a satisfying square dance to proceed.

Song? Little Apple from the said Team Chopsticks

(Producers: Yay for not needing to pay copyright issues. Fans: Rigged for the dancers and the Team Chopsticks)

Note: Well, I rarely hear this song despite this being major in the Internet community. But if I have to judge the song (not the full dialogue MV), it’s catchy, while there is a taste of melancholy in the voice beneath the comedy.

M: There is some variations from the MV to the Square dance version, and since it is also a coaching task, you’ll get:

Team Happy Junior: A singer who’s been on Super Junior feeling that he’s a bad dancer, due to having an uncoordinated passerby.

Team Chopsticks: The original creators of the viral hit, struggled to the point where they jokingly lashed out into their own song.

Pit Stop: Hyde Park

Prize: 2 Express Passes (if you knew the history of the Double Express Pass starting from US 22, refer to it), a intelligent water filter, and 50,000 Chinese Yuan worth of travel vouchers that’s sponsored by RRS Electronics.

First Place: Team Married (Due to acing the final task at the first try)

Getting the Speedbump: Team Singers (Which is an absolute disaster with the driving and the Detour)

* Copyright issues with the music, so some parts might have a lowered noise, but I’m still glad that I could watch this at present time, even with those pesky long sponsors mentioning.

* The penalty of not finishing the task (either Detour or Roadblock) is getting an hour wasted, which is really forgiving compared to at least 2 hours worth of Roadblock penalties.

* Yikes at how many team members don’t know how to practice swimming.

* The series is using the style of documentation, so while it presents more of the teams (which it should be, they have only 6 teams), it make them look more like a trip than a race.

* Kinda surprised with Team Super!, BaoYi turns out to have a strong presence with ZhiWei.

* The last segment talked about charity, which is not the viewers first priority in watching a race

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