Amazing Race China 2: Queensland, Australia

Producers: OMG! Look at us, we hired really famous people to join the race, we traveled all around the world, we have twists that the US version still haven’t got, and now, we are going to scare them shitless without getting ourselves a lawsuit.

Teams: Stretch…Stretch…

Allan Wu: Do I look great wearing a kangaroo’s mask?

7 a.m. (For all teams including Team Singers that should have an hour penalty)

Everybody: Gasp! Vote U-TURN, at leg 2?

Team Singers: Um…let’s vote for Team Chopsticks since they are before us, and hope that Team Married will give us the Express Pass (despite having an alliance and realistically, other teams won’t vote for them)

Team Happy Junior, Team Dating: Let’s vote for Team Married since they have the Double Express Pass.

Team Married, Team SUPER!: Let’s vote for Team Dating because last season the athlete team had a 1.73 average placing. And hope that we can attend your wedding.

Team Chopsticks: Well…


Other teams: Team Chopsticks, who do you choose?

Team Chopsticks: Well…

Route Info: Scary Box (Rainforestation Nature Park)

In the order of placement, choose one box full of scary though 100% safe animals, put your head inside the box and bite out the next clue. (Guts+Skill)

Teams Happy Junior: Gasp!…We are not using our hands?

Team Dating: So…you can’t use your gloves?

The teams chooses:

Team Married: Rotten Fish (Ew)

Team Happy Junior: Butterfly (Since allergy, and BaoYi freaked cause they lied about choosing spiders instead)

Team Dating: Grasshoppers (Apparently ZiGao is scared of them)

Team SUPER!: Lizard

Team Chopsticks: Spider (Which they let Team Singers choose first)

Team Singers: Rats (Ew…they will be my last choice)

M: The hardest part is getting the paper itself, since all the teams knew that the producers will have a lawsuit in their house if any one of them are poisoned or bitten.

After getting their water filled and boarding their boats to the rain forest (which the scenery is shown for 5 seconds max), they arrive at the

U-Turn Result: Team Dating (3-2-1)

Team Chopsticks: Gasp! They show our pictures (Don’t you watch the last season!?)

Team Happy Junior, Team Dating: Gasp! They have lied to us.

Team Singers: Sigh…sorry for breaking the promise, Team Chopsticks, so which path should we go? The guy that has a fish in his lance? Or the guy that has a longer lance? Wait, we’re now at the

Detour: Fish or Lance

Fish: Completely cook a fish in a rainforest. (Skill)

Lance: 5 for each member, use a lance to hit the target board until they collected 6 points (Near-1 pt, Middle-3 pt, Far-Next Clue). Take a 3 minute penalty when the scores isn’t reached with the lances they have given. (Skill)

M: I’ll take Fish, since it’s more about building a strong fire in a rainforest and I can’t throw a lance effectively like Team Married. But I can see the balance between the two tasks (Look at those placement shifting)

Route Info: Kangaroo Dance

Follow and perform the kangaroo dance at the same time, then correctly count the number of the kangaroos patterns around them (Skill+Mental)

M: Could be one of the best challenges they have made this season, since it’s not really a memorization task when you have to follow the dancer at the same time, and answer sharing has to be disrupted when you have to correctly perform the dance. It’s a shame that it’s cut short, but without the music it lacks the drive.

Speaking of drive, after this task they can now get out of this place by car

Team Chopsticks: Yay! We’re now in first, hope that we can keep it up…

Roadblock: Bungee Jumping With A Twist (AJ Hackett Cairns Bungy)

Bungee Jumping! With 3 twist that teams chooses via luck. (100% Guts)

Team Chopsticks, Team Happy Junior: Double Jump (Which means both team members must do the jump)

Team Singers, Team Married: Superman Jump (Jump while wearing a Superman suit)

Team SUPER!: 45 degree front

Team Dating: 45 degree back

M: Basically this task (which includes Team Chopsticks quitting since Dali is scared of heights, the ladies finding out their weight is revealed, everybody crying of fear, everybody crying in joy after they jumped, founding out that their crying will be shown on TV)= Half the episode.

And they self drive to..

Not yet, for Team Singers at least (who now has no problems in driving), they have to do…

Speedbump: Cable Above Alligators (Cairns Zoom)

Both of them must walk or slide down a cable to the other side while having their legs tied with chicken feet. (Guts)

Now (even though it did drop Team Singer placement by 1), the

Pitstop (Cazaly’s Stadium)

Reward: Choose between 2 models of Infiniti to drive for the next leg, and a helicopter tour around Great Barrier Reef.

People will only care at the second part.


Team Dating: For misleading the GPS

Well, people has been comparing to Zhu Zhu as Zhou WeiTong in the last season, but I digress. And Feng Zhe is revealed to have a knee injury from whatever it was… That’s the only thing that I can say about them, they are eliminated first after all.

And we’ll be all seeing Team SUPER! to their undisclosed Reef trip.

* BTW, the intro of the 2nd season will way inferior to the 1st, they didn’t even mention their names.

* Right now, the leading average placement is Team Married (1.5)

* While the first leg is good, this leg is bland, especially with 3 out of the 6 tasks being Guts based, and 4 of the 6 sticks being in the rain forest, though there are a lot of crying.

* One of the producers is right when she think that Team Chopsticks will win the leg, she just didn’t foresee that DaLi will quit the Roadblock.

* Maybe the edit is nice to her, but being surrounded by a lot of controversy, G.E.M is actually okay here, no one did U-Turn them after all (or maybe because they think that their first leg is a mess)

* Look at the 2 episodes, all of them haven unknowingly given all their airtime to BaoYi.

And there you have it, the second episode of Amazing Race China 2, or Amazing Race China 2015. Now you’ll have to wait more than a week to finally get another recap.

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