Amazing Race China 2 (2015): Cappadocia, Turkey.

3 days after I finished watching the episodes, and then I look up to Wikipedia to know the locations (and the tasks)

Wikipedia: Sorry, the details about leg 4 is not fully written yet, please edit it yourself to contribute our page.

So, now I’m going blind for this post.

Last Time on Amazing Race 2015, where celebrities are strapped for cash in the mad dash.

Allan Wu: This is a double leg, which means no Speedbump for you Team Singers. However, this also means that you’ll both have to sleep in a supermarket, at least it’s a step up from getting fleas.

Team SUPER!: [BaoYi about ZhiWei] Yep! My father is really tired and we are not doing this for ratings, so we have to take the penalty (for not sleeping in a local house).

Next day, in a random mountain range, where Team Married is deciding who will be getting the second Express Pass…

Team Singers: [G.E.M}: I’m promoting myself in case if I’m eliminated, and Team Married I hope that (her stomach starts to ache)…I need to go, and please give me the Express Pass, I’m am the weakest team left…effing bananas (running somewhere to do her business)

Team SUPER!: [ZhiWei] We just have a penalty, please give us the Express Pass.

Team Married: Ok, Team SUPER! will get the Express Pass because ZhiWei is born in Hong Kong like us. BTW, a rainbow, ;let’s take a picture.

Please watch our show, because we are famous people and don't rely on kids.
Please watch our show, because we are famous people and don’t rely on kids. And congratulating gay marriage in the US, because rainbow.

Note: Managed by Paint, not the best screen capturer in town.

Route Info: Up In The AIr

Producer: Celebrities, due to bad weather conditions, our first task of making the air balloon is now canceled. So, the boss of this air balloon company wants you to…

Route Info: Pack Up, The Sky’s Over

With 2 helpers, pack up the air balloon. First team has a 3 minute head start over the second team, and vise -versa. (Physical)

M: Well, that’s a bummer, everybody would like to see the landscape from the sky, and maybe seeing the situation in Syira. While packing an air balloon is quite a perspective, it’s not as fun.


Sipahi: Practice archery, then shoot at least 3 targets, 1 team member will need 1 each, while having a ride on a horse. (Skill)

Pamukkale: Make yourself float for 3 seconds in the water by unloading 25kg bags of salt, and read a newspaper about yourself (Physical)

M: I thought the the horse task is harder, but it turns out that the water task is not a kitten to tame either. And give us those newspaper, producers.

Turns out that you need 53 salt bags to make 2 people float, thanks Team Chopsticks!

Team Married: [ZiGao]: (While doing the Pamukkale task) We are going to use the Express Pass, because my wife is too scared of water.

Later at the next task.

Team Married (Encountered oiled men, pent up for aggression): [QianHua] Please, I’m a woman, so-

Producer: Excuse me, nincompoops, do you read the clue? This task is a

Double Battle (Or Face Off if you are Canadian): Oil Wrestling

Both teams must oil wrestle each other until the belts of 1 team is taken off. (Physical)

Team Married:…So we have to wait?

M: The task itself can be fun, but giving a Double Battle for this kind of task…ended up very ugly.

1. After facing off with Team Married, ZhiWei [Team SUPER!] ended up with a broken wrist, which forces his team to directly quit the task and obtain the 15 minute penalty alongside the loser.

2. Given the Team SUPER! decided to quit the task, the purpose of the Double Battle should be redundant for the other teams.

3. And this is the controversy maker.

Team Singers needs to face Team Chopsticks, female versus male, which puts Team Singers at a natural disadvantage (and they are also not athletes). After a series of struggling and G.E.M losing her belt, it ended up with YunJing having a freak out towards Team Chopsticks.

Which Team Chopsticks respond with giving up their belts, and the crowd decided to cheer about this.

That just, drowns the mood down.

Even Team Singers realized how hecked up the situation is after they calmed down, and they just can do nothing but apologize, get 1st place, give them a 5 day trip to somewhere, apologize, treat them free meals in Taiwan, being moody, etc

4. And to top it all off, the final match between Team Chopsticks and Team Happy Junior consists of: Letting the stronger team member fight it all off, managed to tire themselves, letting the weaker team member did a chase scene, and Team Chopsticks finally let Team Happy Junior win.

So, the entire sage of this Double Battle for this season, you are welcome, Amazing Race Canada.

P.S: Why would the produces think that this is a good task for Double Battle?

Route Info: Shake Your Belly

Perform a belly dancing choreography (Skill)

M: There is already a dancing task is Sydney, next.

Route Info: Cave Journey

Using the 3 pictures as a reference, perform 3 tasks. (Mental)

a. Memorize the names of the 4 guys (which is helpfully shown in Chinese)

b. Make wine and fully pour the cups.

c. Eat all the food in the table, and kiss the lady.

Time limit: 5 minutes, you can keep the proofs for finishing the task

M: Cappadocia has hotels made near or inside caves, and the small tasks are actually fun to be used as a real tour.

Pitstop: Uchisar Castle

Prize: An additional 5000 Chinese yuan of donations.

After all the drama that unfolds in front of this episode, the person that got last in this obviously an elimination leg is…

Team Chopsticks: We are the last team to arrive, are we eliminated?

Allan Wu: No, you’re fourth, and tell me, among the 2 of us, me and an Infiniti high ranking worker, who can speak Chinese better?

Team SUPER!: [BaoYi] I wanna go to a free trip to Africa. [ZhiWei] Okay, I’ll paid for our trip, and we won’t need to do some crazy tasks there.

* Yes, that is Allan Wu (which the green belt) doing the wrestling, with actual wrestlers.

* Even last season has the producers chewed Team Friends at India for having no sportsmanship at the Hurry Up Roadblock, I am still shocked at how direct the tone that the producer spoke to Team Married about tasks.

* Even after all the controversy at the Double Battle, Team SUPER! will still be eliminated if there is no outside distractions.

* And I’m really sad to see Team SUPER! go, since both of them have a great energy (and celebrities that I actually know), and BaoYi is surprisingly entertaining. But with all the penalties that ZhiWei accumulated, they are just not going to last for a long time

* Average ranking of teams and placement of this leg:

1. Team Singers- 3.75

2. Team Happy Junior- 2.5

3. Team Married- 1.75

(Because they did a lot of rash decisions, and had a surprisingly bad reading comprehension, for heck sake, these are Chinese. Maybe the reason they did so well is because with an exception of Team Happy Junior, their competition are like irregulars to Team Married’s Infantry)

4. Team Chopsticks- 4.5

Eliminated: Team SUPER!- 3.25

And the tour around Turkey is finally over, to the next country please.

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