Amazing Race China 2 (2015): Madrid, Spain

Well, sorry for this late post, since I have an exam to attend. But if I can progress my exam week very smoothly, this will be as eating a piece of a yogurt marble cheesecake.

Please, can you now focus on us?
Please, can you now focus on us?

So, with no time, to waste, all those pampered celebrities are now in Madrid, equipped with medieval armor to take out all the tasks that hurt them, and the harsh 40 degree temperature.

And me, Allan Wu, who is now wooing everyone in this red capirote.
And me, Allan Wu, who is now wooing everyone in this red capirote.

Double Battle: Joust (Royal Palace of Aranjuez, Mardid)

Following the placement, teams must battle each other to throw each other off the platform. Loser of the Double Battle will obtain a 5 minute penalty. (Physical)

M: With Team Singers being the only team that don’t have enough manpower, it’s quite anti climatic.


Mental Bull Fighting

Dressing up as a bull in US Season 24, Madrid, Spain (the All Star season where shaving a balloon is one of the tasks), stick your double sided color tapes to double sided color tapes in various places with 5 minutes to spare. The tapes can be accumulated (Physical+Mental)

M: I like the fact where they tried to deviate and pass that task as their own, even though it is less culturally connected over season 24, since how does tapes connect with Spain.

Gutsy Bull Fighting

In a bull fighting circle, fully create a structure, then lure the bull through the structure, matador style. (Guts+Mental)

100% Beef, Fresh and Ready To Attack.
100% Beef, Fresh and Ready To Attack.

M: Only word I have to say about this task, suable.

Like this happens, to Miriam Yueng
When something like this happens, to Miriam Yueng

Quite strange that this task is actually more faster to finish than the other task.

What happened?

  • Team Married finished the Mental Bull Fighting first, followed by Team Singers. And all the teams had to walk to the U-Turn board (which turns out to be not a short walk), where everybody got confused in looking for directions, getting more and more dehydrated and YunJing having an asthma attack.
  • Team Happy Junior, 3rd to finish, found a local who is willing to find them the U-Turn board, and found it faster than the 2 teams that finished before them.
  • Team Happy Junior did an U-Turn towards Team Married, thinking that it’s ineffective (reference of this rule, US Season 24, Madrid Spain, Team Cuntry towards Brenchel). Until they saw all the four cars
  • That’s everything, onto the next task.

Route Info: Football Rumble (Polideportivo Pinar de las Rozas, Las Rozas)

Do three football tasks in no particular order (Physical)

  1. 1 team member must guide the other blindfolded team member to dribble in 1 minute
  2. Inside the ring of young footballers, one team member has to play monkey, catch the ball from the footballers, and kick it to the other team member by feet In 1 minute
  3. Do a penalty kick, one team member must kick the ball from the corner, while the other has to goal 5 balls in 1 minute.

M: Quite a strong task in itself, but after the Detour, everything after that seems okay.

Team Singers: How to use the GPS?

Roadblock: Tomato Festival (Miro Square, Madrid)

The team member that perform the Roadblock has to drenched themselves in a barrage of tomato puree

While the other team member that didn’t perform the Roadblock has to sling through cloth to receive the next clue. (Skill)

M: Bait and Switch, since the person who did the actual Roadblock didn’t have to do anything other than getting wet.

Pitstop: Royal Palace of Madrid, Madrid

Prize: 50,000 yuan donation money, and a freaking Chando gift bag (I hope that HanGeng is sarcastic when receiving that bag)

Allan Wu: Team Singers, you are the last team again for the 3rd time, but since your elimination will actually means that Team Chopsticks will be in the Final 3 and we still have 6 legs to compete, you will have a Speed Bump instead.

  • Possible one of the best episode for this series in general, where all the placement shifting and the course itself is insane until the Roadblock came, which then become anti-climatic
  • Hope that Miriam Yueng is okay, that’s quite scary.
  • The prizes man, when are they doing to reach the levels of the trip to Jordan, Jerusalem and Red Sea? Even the Great Barrier Reef trip is half as comparable against it.

Current Average Placing and Ranking For This Leg:

  1. Team Happy Junior- 2.2
  2. Team Married (Yup, even with that accident)- 1.8
  3. Team Chopsticks (5 bottom 2 placements in a row!)- 4.2
  4. Team Singers (Survived 3 non-eliminations)- 3.8

Next time, Amazing Race China surprises us for going to another country instead of staying in another leg of Spain, and bonjour, France.

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