Amazing Race China 2 (2015): Windhoek, Namibia

Note: Before I start, I have to celebrate this blog’s 100 post, and reaching over 1000 views. Which is kinda hard actually, to be encouraged and discouraged to continue writing. But I’m quite happy there are people enjoy my writing.

And thank you everyone (well, mostly in the China region, and Canada) for something making this season Istanbul post unexpectedly exploded in viewer ship (well, my blog standard at least, and couldn’t you try to like it?), so I just want to ask, what do you like about that post?

So anyway-

Intruder Alert, Teams, Please Level Up Your Racing Abilities

Well…if you are an avid Amazing Race viewer, you all have already know that this season has an Intruder concept, where a team will arrive at some point to compete with the remaining racers. If the Intruder finished the same leg they arrive in the Top 2, congratulations for the Intruders for officially joining the race.

So what will happen, when Amazing Race China travels to a new continent, Africa.

Bus, pit start.

Teams: [ZiGao] It’s a co-ed team. The guy, practices extreme sports (Gasp!), specializes in rock climbing (Gasp!) The lady, an expert in pole dancing (Woof!) and…practices Chinese kung-fu (Gasp!)


Allan Wu: Here are the Intruders, the Infiniti commercial and drink some water on the race, as the race gets hotter and fiercer.

Hello, we are going to kick celebrities' butt, and we're from America.
Hello, we are going to kick celebrities’ butt, and we’re from America.

Intruder: Team Siblings: Yuan ZiHui (Marsha) & Yuan Heyu

Teams: Gasp! (Off-screen: Who are you guys?)

Note: Reading from YouTube, it turns out that they are the children of Cheng Pei-Pei, an actress famous for performing in Come Drink With Me. Well Marsha is an actress, but yeah, as celebrities, they are not well-known enough to get people excited.

But anyway, let’s really start the show.

Team Happy Junior: (Seeing Team Siblings took the clue first) Why are they that fast (Well, because they have a distance advantage).

Route Info: Animals In The Savanna (Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary)

Choosing 1 group of 2 animals, perform a task with them. (Luck, Skill)

Lion: Take a picture that show you feeding him

Baboon: Carry the baboon and get photographed with the Infiniti car

Antelope?: Get 2 footprints with a clay rubbing.

Cheetah: Get photographed close to it.

M: Africa has such expansive wildlife, and the task is quite fun.

Route Info: Ostrich Race (Frederik Voigt)

In 4 tries, successfully ride an ostrich through the white line. Failure means communicating with meekats for 15 minutes (Skill)

M: Not everybody want to see either human or ostrich fall over each other (which one is worse, you decide). But it’s challenging to watch.

Route Info: Water Above The Bridge (Dever Cubs)

Using paper and duct tape, create a bridge (or something) that could hold 2 boxes of water for 5 minutes. 3 minute penalty if you need more. (Mental)

M: Tear bait, and ironically, a task where Team Siblings who went last from being unlucky got themselves with a lion that sees through their facade ended up first by making pillars (Something that wouldn’t actually qualifies as a bridge), while Team Married who is leading the race (and nearly got ZiGao hurt between his legs), got a penalty and fell into the danger zone.

Route Info: Living With A Bushman (Bushmen Village)

Live like a bushman for some time, in dancing, eating local delicacies and portray an animal. After everything is done, when you answer a question right, you will be lead to the Pitstop (Mental, Luck)

M: The Roadblock from Greece comes back in full force, and it’s is okay for the most part, though we should get subtitles for the question giver.


Prize:  Donation money.

Allan Wu: And Team Siblings, you have earned your right to race with well-known celebrities, pity that ZhiWei and G.E.M are not here with us.

Allan Wu: Team Married, after being in the lead for some time, you are in last place. But this is a non-elimination leg, as if the absence of both the Roadblock and the Detour didn’t give you signals. Still, a Speed Bump for you.

  • Sorry about the dryness of this leg, even though I liked the experiment for making a racing leg that has no Detour and Roablock, it’s just does not feel notable.
  • And the Intruder concept, maybe add some more interaction between everyone, cause it’s just boils down to not letting the Intruder get the Top 2

And now the finishing order and average placement: (I stands for Intruder)

  1. Team Siblings (I)- 1.00
  2. Team Happy Junior- 2.00
  3. Team Chopsticks- 3.71
  4. Team Married- 2.29

So that’s all, thank you for reading this.

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