Flash Games: Death Arena Reality Stars

It’s been a long time since I last recapped a flash games, so here it is. And fittingly, it relates to a reality show.


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Amazing Race China 2 (2015): Bangkok, Thailand

Allan Wu: Hello, and welcome to the penultimate leg, where the Final 3 is up for grabs. But first, meet your now Intruders…Jin ZhongGuo & Li GuanZhu, cast members of Running Men, and to the finals if they win 1st and only first.

Huh, Han Geng?
Huh, Han Geng?

Teams: Hi, Team Running Man.

Teams  Running Man: Hi

Allan Wu: Let’s proceed to the first task.

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I’m Bored And Watch Videos: X Girl

Well, since the latest Amazing Race China episode has a long way of being broadcast, and I would rather a long of warm up of doing my Apprentice: Martha Stewart,

I’m bored.

Of procrastinating and/or being too obsessed with Europa Universalis IV’s videos. So I decided to choose a random show to watch and talk about, which is a more productive than my bored option.

Without further ado, X Girl, a detective mystery that is a 100% detective mystery.

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