Amazing Race China 2 (2015): Mauritius

In Amazing Race terms,

Intersection: 2 teams team up with each other to finish a task.

Double-Battle/Face-Off/Versus: Whatever, basically all of them stems down to teams facing off each other to find a victor.

This leg, Amazing Race China decided to do a new experiment.

Combing both of them, FOR THIS ENTIRE LEG.

Allan Wu: In this random island, the teams are announced, they are:

Red Team: Team Chopsticks, Team Siblings (6 bottom 2 placements; 1 leg win). At least 1 team is not happy.

Black Team: Team Happy Junior, Team Married (2 leg wins; 2 leg wins, 2 bottom 2 placements)

Versus: Stilt Soccer

Win 2 out of 3 rounds, everybody (as in each team member must play once) in groups of 2 play soccer in stilts within a certain time limit. 1 wins means hitting the coconut to the goal post (Skill)

M: With

a. Red has a member (ZiYu) that learns how to walk to stilts and easily taught everyone else

b. Black has 2 members (the ladies) who is basically ineffective even after 10 minutes of training. And mostly had to revert to a delaying tactic.

Victory: Red

Okay challenge though.

Versus: Muddy Cage Escape

1 team member is locked in the cage, while everyone else has to save her (if only they weren’t blindfolded). Using the locked team member’s words, they have to traverse the muddy trail and face 3 obstacles: bridge climbing, rope net brawling and dodging huge rubber balls to get all three pieces of puzzle; the puzzles are used to make a path for the car which holds the key to free the caged member. Fastest time wins. (Mental)

M: With

a. Black caged member (Wu Xin) is a host, and everyone else speaks Chinese.

b. Red caged member (ZiHui) had a knack to finding faster way to finish the obstacles that turns out to be illegal to continue.

Victory: Black

Okay challenge

Versus: Helicopter SOS

With 1 team member lock themselves in a boat, the other 3 members has to jump off a cliff and let themselves hang by a helicopter until they reach the ball that contains the keys. Once they collect the keys, swim to the boat to unlock the lock until all three locks are finished. Fastest time wins. (Guts+Physical)

M: With

a. The contestants felt that it is actually lower than the one in Australia, so everyone (especially WuXin) didn’t exactly fear the heights

b. This challenge mostly involves swimming

c. I can’t really determine why 1 team lost so…

Victory: Black

Roadblock Versus: Pole Dressing

Choosing 1 team member against each other, they have to climb up the pole, get the clothes, balance themselves while dressing up and win with the first person hitting the gong. (Skill+Guts)

M: With

a. The Red representative (ZiYu) having learned how to climb up poles

Victory: Red

Another Roadblock Disguised As A Versus: Cog Puzzle

Make the flag lift up by assembling the cogs into the right order (Mental)

M: With

Who the heck thought that this task as being culturally relevant in anywhere except for Steampunk Britain!?

Victory: Black

Final Score:  Black wins in 3-2 (or in this leg term, 6-4, why?)

So, Team Chopsticks and Team Siblings has to battle it out to ensure their paid vacation still continues, and the challenge that determines their fate is…

Versus: Know Your Partner

Remember Amazing Race US All-Star 2007 Final Roadblock? Or one of the Amazing Race Asia 4 South Korea task?

Basically, know that the other member, who is now locked in a spinning wheel for no reason, is thinking with a 5 digit coge.

M: With:

a. Team Chopsticks, having been in the bottom 2 for 6 out of (7 to now 8) times, participated in all 8 legs

b. Team Siblings, having a 1 out 1 in leg win, participated in 1 to now 2 legs.

Safe and Be Paid To See Thailand: Team Chopsticks

Allan Wu: Thus, Team Siblings, you have been eliminated from the race

Zi Hui: It’s all right……….can anyone of you untie me now?

  • Well this clip didn’t show the entire decision making of who to team up, but at the very least, 2 teams will allied with each other if they choose each other, and nobody really wanted to team up with Team Chopsticks (of obvious reasons).
  • With the leg, I think the experiment failed due to lacking the momentum and if the race (and the locals) didn’t mention it, I think that they just set up this leg in basically in a millionaire’s beach in China.
  • For Team Siblings, nice knowing you for 2 episodes with your English and your enthusiasm.

Final Placements and Team Average

  1. Team Happy Junior- 1.88
  2. Team Married- 2.13
  3. Team Chopsticks- 3.63
  4. Team Siblings (I)- 2.5 (I thought that they would at least beat Team Chopsticks)

So Amazing Race China 2015, please step up in your production department.

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