I’m Bored And Watch Videos: X Girl

Well, since the latest Amazing Race China episode has a long way of being broadcast, and I would rather a long of warm up of doing my Apprentice: Martha Stewart,

I’m bored.

Of procrastinating and/or being too obsessed with Europa Universalis IV’s videos. So I decided to choose a random show to watch and talk about, which is a more productive than my bored option.

Without further ado, X Girl, a detective mystery that is a 100% detective mystery.

Synopsis, In Dialogue

Police Officer/ Comic Relief: So, you all 3 didn’t escape from a pool party, but from a mysterious organization and lost your memories….

Smart One: Yeah, and we also have some new superhuman abilities, which helps us find you with the Cute One numbers.

Cute One: I did? What does it do with my new fighting abilities?

Sexy One: [Fake Cough] Well, can you give us a shelter? I can make you my pet gay.

POCR: But I’m totally straight!

Smart One: And a pervert, who is on a mid 20s ambition crisis

Police Officer: Hmmph, fine.

Next Day…

Police Officer: Smart One, I found that you are connected with one of the murder victim, since…

Smart One: Take me to the crime scene.

After investigating and buying new clothes.

Smart One: Murderer, do you know me?

Murderer: Hahahahahahaha…


The girls: Why do you put a listening device on us?

Police Officer: I didn’t

Sexy One: I read his expressions, he’s telling the truth.

One Month Later

Cute One: Congratulations of your undeserved promotion, POCR. Any new cases to earn additional money?

Another Month Later

Cute One: Wah…Their love is so strong that I don’t want to be an investigator anymore. …Though, my 2 fellows are way better than I am…Wah…I’m only good at fighting, numbers, housework…

Another Month Later

Cute One: Smart One, I’m hate your extremely rational views and being the only person who make an effort of finding our true identities. [Runs Off]

Police Officer: Hey, Smart One is harsh, but friendship is the best thing ever.

[Moments Later The Members Of The Organization Arrived]

Police Officer: Like this instance, 99.

To be continued…

(That’s surprisingly longer than I thought)


I’m not kidding, the synopsis above is the entire progression of the main plot, which is 1%…if I’m being generous.

I’m okay with the side quests of cases being prioritized, but goddamn it just drags down the


Like, since 75% of the main characters have amnesia that the show somehow decided explore on, they can only be stereotypical cute, smart, sexy and comic relief. And the comic relief character is the only person that has some chances of showing some depth.

That’s too easy for them.


Which gives us a lot of key words and images that we should focuses on when the key cases arrives, which might make the cases somewhat obvious


Where in 15 case, I’ll just present cases in this season that I think is intriguing to watch:

  1. Shower Coffin: The first ever case, and quite solid to watch
  2. Shower Suicide: 4th case, which presents strong acting and contains more events that meets it’s eye
  3. Magician: 5th case, where it should be the most obvious killer presents defense after defense
  4. Cake: 7th case, the killing that is not meant to be hiding, but inflicting despair
  5. One Night Stand: 8th case: Probably the case where the cast is the most connected with one another
  6. Island: 12th case: Spoiler: It’s just a harmless game
  7. Spiritual: 13th case, which the killer is revealed way later, the execution is decent and someone actually remembers the main plot for once
  8. True Love?: 15th and final case, where the crime is made that most of them pitied and thought the Smart One as being too cold (for me, I would oppose the Smart One as well).

Wow, maybe my enjoyment bar is low, but it turns out that I enjoyed the cases they presented, now if they would make the main plot at least half the same treatment as them.

Main Character = Death Reaper In A Detective Genre/ Mystery Magnet In Tv Tropes

: 40%

Final Thoughts

I would recommended it for beginner case enthusiastic and Chinese learners.

So, thank you for watching. I guess….

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