Total Drama Ridonculous Race: Meet The Cast

Since the new Amazing Race China 2015 episode starts tomorrow, and I’m currently watching this on YouTube (Thank you). I decided to do a recap on this, sure it might be satirical, but I just wanna follow in my spare time.

Meet the teams (from the banner, starting from the top left and go across until bottom right):

Tom & Jen (Team Bloggers): Focused into fashion, and turns out that teams wrote their introduction.

Chet & Lorenzo (Team Stepbrothers): Who dislike each other, which could get old if it’s overused.

Dwayne & Junior (Team Father & Son/FS): Just one thing, how come Junior (an obviously under-aged teen) is allowed to join the race in the first place?

Emma & Kitty (Team Sisters): Kitty (One with ribbon) wants to enjoy the experience, while Emma is a law school student who wants to win the race. One have to wonder how their upbringing eventually gives them polar-opposites traits.

Ellody & Mary (Team Geniuses): For SCIENCE!

Stephanie & Ryan (Team Daters): Lovey Dovey couple who met 2 months & 6 days ago, and they are always lovey dovey. Why can’t we get Heather & Alejandro?

Ennui & Crimson (Team Goths): …

Mickey & Jay (Team Twins): That faces adversity all the time, and sad violin music plays around them. … Tear Jerker Bait.

Owen & Noah (Team RTV pros): Poor Noah, of all the choices he have was stuck with someone who is going to be a consistent liability. Couldn’t Eva team up with Noah instead?

Geoff & Brody (Team Surfers): Bros, maybe less obnoxious than getting Bridgette team up with Geoff, and the producers decided to overuse the lovey dovey move, still, it seems that Bridgette & Geoff are still surprisingly stable.

Kelly & Taylor (Team Mom & Daughter/MD): Taylor (the daughter) is obnoxious, while Kelly (the mom) is someone whose pushing for being a cool mom. Not looking good.

Carrie & Devin (Team BFF): Carrie likes Devin, but Devin has a girlfriend. Which translates into limited interaction between them, and worse of all, would get very, very far. BTW, why the producers didn’t thought of something like “Team The Best Friend Of Her Boyfriend”?

Larry & Pete (Team Rivals): In Pro tennis, and they are somewhat famous, and somewhat old.

Leonard & Tammy (Team Larpers): As into fantasy world as ever.

Sanders & MacAuthur (Team Cadets): The plain old good cop (Sanders) bad cop (MacAuthur) combo.

Josse & Jacques (Team Ice Skaters/ Olympians): Skates that once got silver in the Olympics, something that causes Jacques to flip out. We have an Olympic Gold Medalist before in Amazing Race Canada 2, and they are freaking scary to compete against, so…gulp.

Rock & Spud (Team Rockers): Spud is silent, but they can rock.

Laurie & Miles (Team Vegans): They want to save the world.

Okay, that is too much people, 36? Someone is bound to get invisible.

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