Total Drama Ridonculous Race: Canada and Morocco

So here we go, and since I would like to save some time, I just recap this 2 episodes for a time.

This recap:

None Down, Eighteen To Go Part 1

None Down, Eighteen To Go Part 2

The Formula

Teams have to take the clues from the Donbox (shaped as the host himself, which told us that he’s an obvious narcissist), finish challenges and don’t be last to reach the Chill Zone.

The prize: 1 million dollars

Episode One (Canada)

Either Or: (Which is the Detour in Amazing Race terminology) 

Stairs: Climb up stairs of the world’s tallest observation deck (Physical)

Scare: Traverse a sky walk in really windy condition (Guts)

M: Both challenges are not fun to watch, only the teams saved this first challenge.

All In: Zipline

Zip line down and get yourself the fastest flight possible (Guts)

M: This is boring except when Team Rivals doing strategical suicide.


Episode 2 (Morocco)

All-In: Spice Delivery In The Ship Of The Desert

In a spice kiosk, choose 5 spices (ideally: cinnamon, cumin, saffron, paprika and ginger) with you. Then, ride your camels to a nearby restaurant. (Mental)

M: No comment

Botch-Or-Watches (Think of it as a Roadblock)

Giving the spices to the chef to cook the stew for you do eat, and then race on foot to the Chill Zone (Guts)

M: Meh.

Funny Moments:

a. Episode 1

  1. Team Bloggers self written introduction and Don’s comment about it.
  2. Team Bloggers during the Scare challenge.
  3. The waiting scene, and Leonard manages to freak even Owen.
  4. Team Rivals unintentionally self-dejected themselves by talking about the other teams
  5. Team Stepbrothers pissing off each other even when they are tired of climbing the stairs.

b Episode 2

  1. Team Stepbrothers telling their parents to divorce each other
  2. Don’s narration on strategy in the airplanes, while the teams doing their own thing
  3. The foot race of Team Cadets & Team Skaters, and the aftermath


  1. -How a 13 year old teen manages to outrun Olympians
  2. For an hour of resisting to do the Scare, I can’t see a strong future for Team Bloggers.
  3. Seeing Kitty doing a selfie at the edge of the skywalk makes me scared of her.
  4. Overall impression of the 1st episode: The challenge blows, but at least some of the characters really shone
  5. -There is a whole lot of self-awareness that they are people watching (Dwayne for taking about the power of man and Carrie admitting that she loves Devin & realizing that Devin’s girlfriend, Shelli/Shelly is watching)
  6. And the teams interaction are also a good part to watch, like Geoff and Ellody talking about who they meet their respective teammates.
  7. Teams also sometimes gave confessions at the placement, which is refreshing
  8. Still, looking at how random the team placement is kinda jarring, 36 people in a 22 minute show is not ideal for a show.
  9. Emma is quite the control freak in Morocco, and Kitty also has common sense.
  10. When Owen drinking… I can’t blame even Crimson for her reaction.
  11. Over impression of the 2nd episode: Ditto as the first. Of course, this show is about the characters, but I still wanna see high quality challenges that is better than Amazing Race
  12. As for Team Larpers, I’m okay with them for being the 1st boot, Tammy marginally speaks more than Spud, though I wish their magic theme could gave more teams the creeps.

Top 5 In Average Team Placements

  1. Team Friends: 1.50 (Try to make them work, their can be dangerously bland)
  2. Team Skaters: 2.00 (They are awesome to watch)
  3. Team Cadets: 2.50 (Right now, I’m feeling positive about McAuthur, she’s can be brash, but she also knew the concept of teamwork)
  4. Team Daters: 5.00 (That’s a huge gap. Currently they are in lovey dovey more, but Stephanie is quite freaky in the spices)
  5. Team RTV pros: 7.00 (Owen is Owen, while Noah is Noah)

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