Amazing Race China 2 (2015): Bangkok, Thailand

Allan Wu: Hello, and welcome to the penultimate leg, where the Final 3 is up for grabs. But first, meet your now Intruders…Jin ZhongGuo & Li GuanZhu, cast members of Running Men, and to the finals if they win 1st and only first.

Huh, Han Geng?
Huh, Han Geng?

Teams: Hi, Team Running Man.

Teams  Running Man: Hi

Allan Wu: Let’s proceed to the first task.

Route Info: Chicken Panic

From 100 chickens collar, catch a chicken to find 1 picture of your team. After that, you need to carry a chicken with you for the rest of the leg. (Luck)

M: Funny task, and funny Allan Wu reactions.

Route Info: Market Panic

Choosing 1 of the 4 flavors (sour, sweet, bitter and spicy), buy the ingredients from the list that is written in Thai. After that, eat the final product to receive the next clue. (Mental)

M: What an insane task, seeing teams just scrambling around to find the ingredients.

Route Info: Car Panic

Using only the 360 vision function and all the windows block, teams have to drive themselves in a lane to find the password to proceed (Skill)

M: Commercial.

Roadblock: Basket Panic

Using only baskets, teams have to stack up as high as possible to receive their next clue. (Guts + Physical)

M: Boring, though having to keep the chicken is a good twist.

Route Info: Water Panic

Using only your clothing with you, absorb as many water a possible, pour into the cylinder to reach the target height. (Mental)

M: Kinda gross.

Allan Wu: Team Running Man, you are at 2nd and were surprisingly beaten by Team Chopsticks, so, you are eliminated from the race.

Probably, an hour later

Allan Wu: Surprise, surprise, Team Happy Junior, you nearly have a heart attack and lost your chicken. But since…you are still in the race for the grand prize


This is way better than the last leg, it is all sorts of crazy.

Still, I’m kinda glad that Team Running Man is eliminated, since if they finish first, it means that they only have to race just 1 leg to compete for the grand prize, which is totally unfair for teams that bungee jumped, became poor, oil wrestle and swinging.

And the fact that the Intruders concept was just:

  1. Hi, we won’t let you win
  2. Quick, don’t let them win.

An utter bust for a twist.

And about the Final 3…probably one of the competitively weakest I’ve seen in a long time.

Placement & Average Placement Ranking

1 Team Chopsticks (3.33)

I’m glad that after a series of bottom 2 finishes, they finally get a first place finish that may boost their morale in the finale.

2.Team Running Man  (2.00)

They have a really good energy and are good to watch, but I’m okay with them failing the task.

3.Team Married (2.33)

4 Team Happy Junior (2.11)

What a disaster for them.

Next time, Finale.

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