Total Drama Ridonculous Race: France

Last time on TDRR, they rode camels, Owen drink…ew, and the LARPers are eliminated.

Episode 3: French is an Eiffel Language

Episode 4: Mediterranean Homesick Blues

Motorcycle Ride

  • After catching up to the Cadets, the Skaters admit that they must smile even in their sleep for zero reason. Which got the Cadets question about their smile business.
  • The Bloggers (who somehow has less spending restraint that M&D), threw their newly bought Moroccan woven carpet and physically harmed D&S (which, WTH Junior is the one driving the motorcycle?)
  • Funniest Moment: The Skaters, that’s all.

Going To Eiffel Tower

  • After witnessing a car crash, teams are faced with a Botch or Watch (though this version needs team members to alternate roles for every Botch or Watch), which is drawing a painting of your other teammate
  • Now I’m just wondering how rich Tom & Jen were, and everybody’s seemingly unlimited budget.
  • The first time I watch this episode, the Sisters talking about Emma breaking up 2 years old really stood out, since they already have a storyline of Emma’s bossy attitude. Sure, teams actually talk about themselves, but the Sisters talked about something that is outside their initial storyline.
  • It’s a boring task in general, and the painter is so lax as a judge.
  • Funniest Moment: Kelly’s drawing and Taylor’s reaction.


  • Teams have to navigate the Catacombs to a exit with cheese
  • The first time anybody from Goths speak (about the Catacombs), which is generically emo.
  • Funniest Moment: “Home to the many paintings I was asked to stop touching.”

Cheese Sailing To The Chill Zone

  • Teams go to the Louvre, the chill zone, by sailing on cheese.
  • First Place: Cadets, much to Skaters dismay
  • Those placements, though, I’ll just try to fact that it is true, but is still kinda, huh?
  • Since it is cheese, Owen ate all the cheese, and even though Owen is now cheese, Don gives them a 20 minute penalty
  • And now the eliminated team is…Rivals for not funny stepping their feet into the Chill Zone. Their jokes of sponsors and being old can be quite old, but I like that the show decided to stop making them fight each other.
  • Funniest Moment: Skaters adapting to the waters

Overall: I’m okay with this episode, the tasks are really, really bland when the teams just easily flew through without additional difficulty, given since Total Drama is more about characters than the challenges.

As for Don, I’m kinda okay with him, since he showed that he’s not Chris (mostly being a sticker for rules), and Amazing Race hosts tend to be quite…distant with the racers.

Public Transportation

  • Surprisingly, they stayed in France (albeit the Southern part).
  • The Junior and Carrie subplot (which is get since Carrie is attractive, and Junior is a teenagers)…just make it a rather curious about love stage, cause it will be dangerously illegal if it went too far, and somehow it will be less controversial than having a LGBT character in a kids’ show.
  • With a 2nd car crash, the Cadets will lose their jobs when they are facing real life.
  • Sure, Brody is generally a muscle head, but don’t group his stereotype with a former Total Drama Aftermath host.
  • The show allow Stepbrothers to separate from each other in transportation?
  • Funniest Moment: The McArthur cade havoc

Botch Or Watch: Swimming With Sharks

  • Get your next clue from sharks
  • Sometimes the Daters confessions for each other are kinda unnerving (Look, eating the shark to be with each other?…Shivers)
  • Prince of Monaco with Bloggers…no footage?
  • What’s with the animals liking to peck guys bottoms? (BTW, what a nice butt Don)


  • Build a sandcastle of a building
  • Montage…except for Geniuses doing calculations that eclipsed common sense, and the waves washed out their calculations when they are done, which is kinda stupid if you ask me
  • Still, France has really lax judges

Chill Zone

  • Where they ride a motorboat…to Iceland…which from Southern France to Iceland….whatever, it’s a cartoon
  • Penalty: D&S and Bloggers, so Skaters won their leg…victory cry ensues.
  • Best Friends’ and Surfers has a faulty motorboat,  I loathed BFF’s disaster (since teams like them are usually competent) while Surfers…I feel very bad for Brody.
  • But those faulty motorboats are no opponent of complexity addiction, and the Geniuses are gone even without reaching the Chill Zone.
  • So what do I know about Geniuses…they are smart, and are okay with being eliminated, see ya.

Overall: Okay I guess. But it’s time for Iceland

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