Flash Games: Death Arena Reality Stars

It’s been a long time since I last recapped a flash games, so here it is. And fittingly, it relates to a reality show.



You are a monster potato who’s stars yourself in a reality show, Death Arena, where you capture … people with special abilities that you will kill in a bullet hell scenario.


Since it is based on a reality show, I expect to see a lot of dramatic characters that will be memorable.

Instead, this is the major flaw of this games. The potato is not funny, the¬†heroes only have 1 scene to shine (where most of them are forgettable), and worst of all, they (except for the last boss) are somehow more beatable than an average minion wave in the “story mode” due to the fact that their bullets are more easier to dodge.


Mechanics: Use a mouse or a keyboard (I prefer mouse) to move your potato. Collect coins, build up stats and abilities to help you with these 3 modes.

Story Mode: Finish 20 levels of beating minions and heroes, and not a lot of scenes that you can see from reality show.

Endless Mode: Self-Explanatory

Impossible Boss Challenge: By default the star of this game, and the only mode that I still haven’t beat, since the heroes actually pose a dangerous threat.


Thanks to EntForge for creating this game, and the voice acting.

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