Total Drama Ridonculous Race: Finale Thoughts

Okay…I did a bail out of a 26 episodes worth of recap, cause I’m kinda lazy and all I recap would be just funny moments and thoughts about challenges. So since the season ended, I just decided to grant my final thoughts.

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Amazing Race China 2 (2015): China, which is the Finale. And Thoughts

Finally, after another week of waiting and blogging other shows, the finale of the Amazing Race China.

Who is going to win the Infiniti Cars and another load of donation money?

Is it Team Chopsticks, who survived time over time in getting 7 out of 9 bottom 2 placements before finally getting a leg win and beating Team Running Man?

Is it Team Married, who started off well but now placing rather okay?

Or is it Team Happy Junior, where after WuXin nearly missing the flight, placing consistently and having a huge disaster in Thailand putting them at a time disadvantage?

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