Amazing Race China 2 (2015): China, which is the Finale. And Thoughts

Finally, after another week of waiting and blogging other shows, the finale of the Amazing Race China.

Who is going to win the Infiniti Cars and another load of donation money?

Is it Team Chopsticks, who survived time over time in getting 7 out of 9 bottom 2 placements before finally getting a leg win and beating Team Running Man?

Is it Team Married, who started off well but now placing rather okay?

Or is it Team Happy Junior, where after WuXin nearly missing the flight, placing consistently and having a huge disaster in Thailand putting them at a time disadvantage?

Route Info: Reunification

Based on a Chinese fable (where the actors is played by Team Dating, you know the first team eliminated from the race. Which is strange when neither of them are actors), one team member must catapult another team member in collected a plate to reunite the star crossed lovers.

  • Even though it shifts some placements, next.
  • And our final water station, next.

Route Info: Water Mahjong

Somehow it’s not mahjong that people usually play at the table, completing with summing luck and kung fu on their side, but trying to locate at a swimming pool, swim and grab walking human mahjongs to pair up, where you needed 4 trios and 1 pair of a number or bamboo tile to proceed.

  • Which admittedly, is kinda complicated to explain in words (which is why I posted the video)
  • I quite like this challenge, since it screams exhaustion to the contestants this early on, while also completing a modern twist to a culture
  • Mahjong has different styles, and the initial attempt of 7 small pairs by Team Happy Camp is actually a different style used in this task, so they had to do it over.

Route Info: Playhouse Delivery

Packaging a load of toys into the Infinite Brand car, drive to the AIU Montessori Kindergarten and reassemble the toys in a certain area to proceed.

  • Infiniti, this task is probably the best decision you have ever made in this series. Where even putting a load of toys to the point to blocking windows, Team Happy Camp & Team Chopsticks still have the ability to use the car in having a car chase (which will be more representative than the commercials that is presented to us, since it involves real life).
  • Assembling toys are hard enough, but when kids are there, that got way crazier.
  • Overall, one of my recent favorite task in the entire series.

Route Info: Feeding Time

Equipped with a huge chopstick where you must hold before a red line, teams must feed each other spicy liangfen to proceed the race, 3 drops of the liangfen, you will be presented with another full dish of the liangfen. Warning: The liangfen is really spicy.

  • For such a boring looking challenge (except for participating it), this ended up being the task that sets the victor. A freaking food dish.

Roadblock: Plastic Crawl

In mid air, walk through the other side. The catch, the platform is a plastic foil.

  • Like everyone else, this task looks like it could be something build for torturing. But that the first team finishes the task, I am like, next task
  • By the way, all the teams just let the teammate that did the most Roadblock (as in all except for 1) do the task, that’s what you get for not implementing the Roadblock rule.

Roadblock: Soldiers Of Memory

The Final Exam Puzzle Task, where teams have to collect the 6 flags in the order of the countries they visited. Succeed means proceed to the finish line

  • This is kinda easy, but the magnificent display of soldiers guarding around the next clue makes my kinda forgiving about it (and since the victor is already decided 2 tasks ago…)

And the winners of the Amazing Race China 2 (2015) is…

Team Happy Junior (2.00), congratulations, they won Infinitis cars and another load of donation money.

Second: Team Married (2.30)

Third: Team Chopsticks (3.30).

With some rounds of thank you speeches (alongside Team Singers and Team Dating…what a cold finale line), the race is over.


Final Thoughts

  • For me, I think that this is one of the more experimental seasons I have ever seen in the race, you will never see another season that will contain having 6 six at the start, Intruders and Versus Intersection. Even if the experiments blow.
  • The Intruders concept would be kinda neat, but the fact that the 1st Intruder team started off at the time where the original teams finished half of the race while the 2nd Intruder team started off at the time where they only needed 2 legs to win the race? And most of all, with the teams being celebrities (and not being Zhou WeiTong) that need a great PR image to get work? And the Twist ultimately never matters?
  • While the Versus Intersection leg, it’s funny that it screwed Team Siblings from having to race their full potential, and the less said about that leg the better.
  • I like Turkey, Spain, Thailand and the finale, which is great to watch.
  • Honestly from what I seen, this is one of the weakest  cast in terms of competitive skills, the first half of the race has one of the biggest quitting spree in the show, and the Final 3 have 1 teammate doing most the Roadblock or in general, letting them said teammate lead the race. Which is sad, given that most of the cast are great in general.
  • So that was it, this season is finally over.

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