Total Drama Ridonculous Race: Finale Thoughts

Okay…I did a bail out of a 26 episodes worth of recap, cause I’m kinda lazy and all I recap would be just funny moments and thoughts about challenges. So since the season ended, I just decided to grant my final thoughts.

The Winners

Frankly, I’m disappointed by the producers who gave the Surfers the win.

Well the Surfers are actually good characters, and I’m okay at them returning the competition, but I don’t like them as winners.

Some of my reasons are:

  1. Sure, their cab is damaged by the Skaters, but the fact that they chose to take a subway instead of facing a New York traffic jam should given them a penalty.
  2. Their inclusion to the final 3 instead of the Sisters (Who I’m surprised that they are eliminated in 4th). Cause the dynamics in the Final 3 changed a lot, where the initial final 3 teams develop a fierce rivalry with each other and wanted to win a million along with winning against them. With the Surfers replacing the Sisters, it just gave a drama about…Brody and MacArthur, which is not treated seriously.
  3. It’s less satisfying to see the Surfers win against the Cadets than seeing the Cadets or the Sisters winning against the Ice Dancers. Besides, they are one of more underdeveloped teams in this season.

The Final Challenge

  1. While I like the cab driving and New York (with it’s cameos and including more than 1 people), I’m shocked that they would repeat the stair climbing challenge way back from episode 1, which is kinda offensive, since the stair climbing challenge is not good for entertaining viewers for a finale.
  2. I dislike the final challenge being so luck based.

Josse & MacArthur

I have to include a segment about them, due to the fact that they are NoSoDifferent from each other.

Both of them are quite devious and manipulative (Josse has many, while MacArthur did try to dare Spud in Finland), and they basically needed their partners to hold them back. And they also have difficult childhood, with Josse having a family that strives for excellence all the time, while MacArthur basically did thing that will get her fired from being a police officer.

But the difference between them is their partner, Sanders mostly a shoulder angel while Jacques mostly a shoulder devil.

Sanders is basically a textbook good cop, whose biggest crime is not paying the fries when she founds out, and usually have a lot of differences with MacArthur. She chose what’s is morally good for MacArthur even she founds out MacArthur past (which is not mentioned at all), and when she’s hurt due to MacArthur negligence, she decided to take charge of the situation and make herself as an equal alongside with MacArthur.

Jacques however, basically go along with what Josse did as it doesn’t penalize them. Since they have similar mindsets, Jacques only chose to hold her back from being insane from repeatedly getting anything less than 1st and rarely did anything on being courteous towards other people. “My Way Or Zimbabwe” is the biggest example, where Jacques stopped Josse from running over Dwayne, and give her the orders when Dwayne said that gold medals don’t matter.

So that’s the difference between them, where influences basically changed their way of how they behave.

About The Teams

I think that the teams (except the Larpers & the Genuises) in this season are handled well. Everybody has a story to tell, and most of the storylines ended as what they want to tell.

Some of them are nice (Mom & Daughter and Father & Son), some of them ended up obnoxious (Stepbrothers and Best Friends) and some of them needed more time (Bloggers and Vegans, so glad that Don is just joking).

Well except for Emma & Noah, who I’m surprised that neither of them (alongside with Best Friends) talk at all in the finale, since romantic arcs are usually something that Total Drama likes to play on. Or Loki, where he would have plotted something karmic against the Skaters.

As for Don, he is basically a unique character, who is not always a sociopath like Chris, someone who gave out penalties of rule cheating and surprisingly, someone who hated the villains for once.

Challenges & Episodes

Favorite All-In: Prison Escape in Episode 13

Favorite Either Or: Dune Buggies or Magic Tricks in Episode 19

  • Because how it started with giving explanations on how to do the task, and all the teams being in character in both challenges.

Favorite Botch-Or-Watch: Transylvania Gymnastics in Episode 7

And the Boomerang ended up being a waste.

What Do I Like About

  1. See Characters
  2. The intensity of everybody racing like a race.
  3. The gross out humor is severely reduced.

What Do I Wish For In The Next Season

  • Way less competitors at the starting line, 18 is too spread out for everybody’s stories. I would recommend 12 teams as a maximum, or better, 9.
  • I think that the locations are fine, but it needs to be emphasized more than just a backdrop. And sometimes going to 1 country to do 1 task is just too excessive by the show standards. I would recommend having 2 episodes for 1 location, which at least an All-In, Either Or and Botch-Or-Watch to make it more of an experience to everybody involved. Maybe bring in a sequester scene as a measure.
  • Add first prize challenges, seriously, the teams unlimited access to cabs and shopping, why you need to be that stingy in having only 2 prizes total. This is just getting 1st price for the sake of getting 1st place, and not everybody would be as obsessed as the Skaters in the next season.

So that’s it, thank you for watching my post, hope you’ll like it.


7 thoughts on “Total Drama Ridonculous Race: Finale Thoughts

  1. Agree that Surfers winning and being in the final 3 was really cheap. There was so much favoritism with them in the last 2 episodes, where they kept magically getting lucky.

    I felt the same way about them repeating the first challenge. I wish they had more creative challenges for a finale.

    That’s a good analysis on the difference between Sanders and Jacques. I never thought of Jacques as a shoulder Devil, but you’re right in that they both act like a conscience.

    Agree with the teams. I loved how almost every team left with their dignity intact (except maybe Vegans). And yes, there were a bit too many teams this season.

    A very great, detailed, unbiased review. Well done.


    • Thank you for posting your comment

      Edit: This reply below is from Jakhulmandora, a troper from Tv Tropes who replied back to me, this is about the Surfers and why he liked them as winners:

      I’m quoting here so bear with me. Geoff and Brody: Our winners! Coming into the race, I was rooting for them a little, since I really wanted a Total Drama player to win The Ridonculous Race, but they weren’t my first picks…as you can tell. However, this is easily the most I’ve ever enjoyed Geoff. He was…alright in Total Drama Island. He was…an asshole in Total Drama Action. He was…just there in Total Drama World Tour. But, here? His likability really shined through.
      I’m going to mostly ignore Brody, since other than his crush on Mac Arthur, he was basically just a Geoff clone…but that’s fine! Geoff’s constant positive attitude was allowed to come out more on the race more than it ever could in Total Drama, and that’s a plus. A lot of people will disagree, but they were probably the best possible winners for this season, even if I hate to admit it. They never gave up, they always fought for one another, and time and time again their infectious positive attitudes let them charge ahead.
      Also, I think that’s the underline message of the season: good karma always comes to those who open their hearts and be nice to others. Geoff & Brody sacrificed themselves for Carrie & Devin, and were unfairly eliminated. So, what happens? Carrie & Devin withdraw from the race and Geoff & Brody are brought back, and they win. That’s a great message and a great ending to the season. Still not QUITE my favorite, but they surpassed any and all expectations I had. I’m impressed.
      P.S: As for the taxi i can see why they think it maybe from don (Lets face it, the guy is MUCH nicer then Chris.)


  2. hmmmm, i was watching the show on CN on demand because i missed the finale and the Cadets won with MacArthur splashing the cash in the end, i was stunned expecting to see the Bros win as was written in the total drama wiki page. I think they actually made 2 endings like they did with Total drama 2.


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