Thoughts: Junoir Apprentice Season 1

After getting myself too lax at my recap in Apprentice: Martha Stewart. I decided to forgive myself into writing about an Apprentice series in the UK, but not just any original Apprentice, but Junior Apprentice, the one where teenagers from 16-17 compete with each other for 25,000 pounds.

P.S: Apparently UK teens watches this for (GCSE) General Certificate of Secondary Education homework, cool trivia.

Hosted by Lord Sugar, billionaire that founded Amstrad, along with his 2 boardroom judges aka people the contestants could have benefit more if the producers ever make them mentors, Nick Hewer & Karen Brady.

I have finished the first season, and with fully watching just 1 season (which is ironically, Martha Stewart), here are my thoughts.

Basic Apprentice format, each team set up a project manager, complete task, winner gets reward while loser go to the boardroom. Losing PM nominate 2 people and negotiate like hyenas fighting each other for food to avoid being fired.

Although there is something new, where there will be 4 contestants in the finale, 2 people will become joint managers and complete a task. Winning means, your opponent will now be your joint manager and make yourself as bitter as possible so that the sugar will be pour on you aka getting the prize money to celebrate yourselfbecoming the Apprentice.

By the way, I think that the joint manager format as the final task is a horrible idea.

Week 1: Cheese
Week 2: Camping products
Week 3: Cupcakes
Week 4: Art
Week 5: Amsterdam products
Week 6: Bottled water (which I am surprised by the types of bottled water they might provide, given that it’s a 2 billion pound enterprise, makes sense)

Favorite Entertainment Week: Week 1
Favorite Competitive Week: Week 4
Overall: Basic except for the bottled water task, cause who would except bottled water is something that you would sell as a task overall.

Favorite contestants: Zoe, Tim & Adam
Winner Pick: Zoe
Overall: Hilarious enough to hid the basicness of the tasks, except for Emma and Hannah’s invention

Week 1: Dinner
Week 2: Fireworks
Week 3: Tea time with Richard Branson
Week 4: Personalized Clothes
Week 5: n/a

Favorite: Week 3
Overall: The last 2 is quite superb, that’s all I have to say about it.

Trainwreck Of The Week
I included this section just for fun, except for week 6
Week 1: Hibah automatically negotiating down the prices to bar owners when the clock goes thin
Week 2: Adam thinking that something made up of cardboard is gonna work on a location where mud and water roams free.
Week 3: Rhys selling the cupcakes like there is an invisible gun threatening him to sell their drugs to policeman.
Week 4: The producers for once, who bring in a woman that went into their houses and get photographed with posing as the owner.
Week 5: Packing the Amsterdam products into a plastic, especially when the owners are watching.

Lesson I Learned From Each Week
Week 1: Prepare you products so that business can start immediately
Week 2: Never make a item from a cardbox for to satisfy a camping trip, not even a good sales pitcher can get you sales
Week 3: Designer cupcakes needed to be sold more
Week 4: Fake that you have a passion of art, or if your parents are artists, use it to make Tom Lewis abandoning his dreams of selling art to Brick Lane.
Week 5: If you must sell 2 products, make it 1 low cost product and 1 high cost product.
Week 6: Confidently and surely answer all the questions, Sir Alan will ignore you reading from the notes for the entire pitch.

Overall, it is a solid, but not spectacular season, join me for another season of Junior/Young Apprentice. And here is the playlist if you are curious to watch it.

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